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W hich lucky student will be Head of School for the day? Who will be directing traffic at drop off? Whose discerning eyes will be monitoring the halls in search of dress code infractions and so much more? Well, you’ll have to wait for December 1st to find out which students will be filling faculty seats. But on the evening of October 11, 2017, we kicked off the fundraising season with our signature Pre-Auction event, Kids Rule The School! Parents Frances and Jeff Fisher hosted the party at The Classic Stable, their showroom full of beautiful antique automobiles, where parents, trustees, faculty and staff gathered for cocktails and savory bites and close up encounters with the fancy cars. While partygoers mixed and mingled amongst the vintage luxury automobiles, parents were encouraged to bid on behalf of their children for meaningful, one-on-one time with faculty and staff for a day during the school year when they will trade places. Whether a student would like to know more about caring for school grounds or has a knack for taking charge of a math class, there were over one hundred opportunities for students to engage with faculty and staff. To provide equal bidding opportunities to all, the bidding was available online for those who couldn't make the event that night. With vigorous on-site as well as remote participation, every single faculty and staff position was snatched up! Thanks to our generous families, more than $67,000 was raised for our wonderful school and now everyone is looking forward to December 1st when PBDA students will “Rule The School.”

2017 Family BBQ

Almost five hundred students, parents and faculty gathered in the Halmos Center on September 23 for our 3rd Annual Family Reunion BBQ and STEAM Festival. Palm Beach Day Academy hosted the dinner as a thank you to our families for their generous support of the school and to give the students an evening of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) inspired activities lead by our partners, Florida Crystals Corporation, Palm Beach Symphony and the South Florida Science Center and Aquarium and PBDA teachers who organized and presented hands-on science activities for children of all ages.
Students were engaged with “Water Filtration, Energy Flow and Electricity,” led by Florida Crystals Corporation, that allowed students to collaborate and focus on human-environment interactions including electricity, energy flow, power plants and water filtration. Palm Beach Symphony set up many activities for the students, including “Science Behind Strings,” which showed how string instruments produce sound and what causes them to vary in pitch and volume. The South Florida Science Center and Aquarium brought activities that were intended to “open every mind to science,” including “Physics in Action,” where students learned about transmitting rotary motion through the use of gears, chains, and elastic bands.

Welcome New Families
New Families

Palm Beach Day Academy extends a warm welcome to our new students and families. This year, we welcomed 73 new students – 53 Lower Campus, 20 Upper Campus.
On September 28, nearly 100 attendees enjoyed the annual New Parent Party at the home of Alicia and Tim Mullen. The beautiful evening offered Head of School Dr. Edwin Gordon, along with the Board of Trustees, administration and the PSC executive committee, an opportunity to warmly welcome new parents to the school.
PBDA prides itself on its reputation as a true family school. The close relationship that our faculty, parents and students share is the reason that PBDA is regarded as such. Each member of our school community is valued and needed. The faculty and parents share common goals and values as they work as partners in teaching and raising our students. As the new families join that partnership, they contribute to building and strengthening the family.
Welcome one and all. We are happy you are here.

Varsity Sports - Fall 2017
Flag Football

For the 7th year in a row, the PBDA boy’s varsity flag football team was in the championship, and this year they came out victorious.
The season started with a one and a half week delay due to Hurricane Irma. With only one day to pick the varsity team, the boys had their first two games, back to back without having a full varsity practice. Those two games ended in identical fashion with PBDA down by 6 points with one final play remaining in the game. Both games ended with Danny Beck catching the game tying touchdown and both games ended in a tie.

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The 2017 volleyball season began as a whirlwind with a day and half of school before Hurricane Irma came through, leaving us with one day of tryouts before our first game.
As our competition had been practicing for three weeks already, the Bulldogs were up for the task of competing in 7 games in a matter of 8 days. With plenty of games back to back, practices were scarce, however, this season was defined by the team’s improvement. Throughout our shortened season, these 12 girls were determined, stayed focused and strived to play their best everyday. Seeded as 5th place, the Girls Varsity Volleyball team battled in their game against Kings Academy. After losing the first game of the match, the girls adjusted their pony tails and came out strong in the second game to dominate many rallies to fight for each point. Unfortunately, in the end, Kings Academy advanced with the win.

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7th Graders Qualify to Apply to Duke TIP

pic1 On the basis of their 5th or 6th Grade standardized test scores, twenty-two 7th Graders qualified to take the next step toward acceptance to the Duke University summer program, Duke TIP (Talent Identification Program). Eligibility is earned by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on age/grade appropriate achievement or aptitude tests within the past two years. Palm Beach Day Academy uses the CTP scores to determine Seventh Grade eligibility. Achieving a qualifying score on the CTP is the first step for students who would like to participate in the TIP offerings on the Duke TIP campuses next summer. To apply, qualifiers must take either the ACT or the SAT in the 7th Grade.
7th Grade Qualifiers
Rafe Cochran • Jack Dillon • Tatiana Georgas • Caroline Ghirardini • Mimi Gochman • Daniel Grant • Ava Gronberg • Jameson Hocher • Virginia Keen • Nelson Lamb • Billi Lerro • Lucy Newmyer • Jackson Moross • Maeve Mullen • Colin Nicoletti • Halle Colbert • Jonathan Schram • Christina Taylor • Sophia Wandoff • Tabitha Webster • Jay Wexler • Ryan Wuhrman
Student Leadership Coundil

Student Leadership Council Officers
• President - Ricardo Maduro-Vollmer
• 9th Grade Vice President - Isabella Pargiolas
• 8th Grade Vice President - Liana Stoll
• 4th Grade
      Aiden Conde
      Gabrielle Kosoy
      Sammy Pargiolas
• 5th Grade
      Topher Cook
      Lauren Miller
      Ava Silpe
• 6th Grade
      Bertie Azqueta
      Reilly Hollern
      Cooper Smith
• 7th Grade
      Jack Dillon
      Caroline Ghirardini
      Virginia Keen
• 8th Grade
      Avery Emmer
      Charlie Lorentzen
      Seray Ozgenc
      Teddy Tarone



Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Month for October

Ninth Grader, India Lalor, has been selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of Month Award for October. The Student of the Month is chosen by the faculty from the 8th & 9th Graders. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Congratulations, India.

National Junior Honor Society 2017-18
National Junior Honor Society 2017

At the Friday, October 4th Upper School Assembly, thirteen 8th and 9th Graders were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society in a ceremony witnessed by their classmates, teachers and parents. Inductees included Parker Costa, Avery Emmer, Thomas Ferro, India Lalor, Stephanie Lucchesi, Ricardo Maduro Volmer, Isa Pargiolas, Amelia Pottash, Mac Pulitzer, Lauren Schram, Liana Stoll, Peyvie Wexler, and Elisha Thornton.

Walter H. Butler Golf & Tennis Classic
Calling all
Tennis Players and Golfers
Sign Up Now!
22nd Annual Walter H Butler
Golf & Tennis Classic

November 4
The Breakers Ocean Course
Open to Students and Adults
For more information regarding player and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Adrienne Arp at 561-655-1188 ex 125 or email

Click for Golf and Tennis Registration Form.

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