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86th Annual Walter H. Butler Field Day
Flamingos 253 - Pelicans 243
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T he Flamingos squeaked out a victory by winning three of the four final tugs-o-war and ended the 86th Walter H. Butler Field Day with 253 points to the Pelican's 243. Each team shared point-earning victories during the day and the posted score remained close with the Pelicans slightly ahead. But, as the events were winding down, the scorekeepers stopped publicly updating the points, as they always do. As the long-distance running events began, both teams were evenly positioned. As always, the individual and team performances were impressive. Equally impressive, were the hundreds of moments of sportsmanship that are a tradition at Field Day. Each team hopes to win and shouts encouragement during each race. But, close friends are on the opposing team, too, and their wins are cheered as well. The best of Palm Beach Day Academy is on display during Field Day and especially during the final events.
Once the final relays had been run, the Pelicans sensed that they had done well. And they had. The score stood at 233-223, Pelicans. They needed only to win two of the four tugs. The Flamingos won three and earned the 2017 Field Day Cup and the honor of the victory lap.
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The Flamingo Captains were Jesse Principe, Majesty Wiggins, (Ethan Qin served as alternate in Jesse's absence), Caroline Ghirardini, Colin Nicoletti and Tabitha Webster. The Pelican Captains were Chloe Colbert, Lev Hallowell, Tatiana Georgas and Jay Wexler.
The 2017 Walter H. Butler Field Day was sponsored by First Republic Bank.

Pelicans Win 28th Knowledge Bowl - 1500-500
Knowledge Bowl

The 6th Grade Pelican Knowledge Bowl contestants got off to an early lead against the Flamingos and passed it on to their 7th - 9th Grade teammates on February 24, one day before Field Day. The older Pelicans maintained and expanded that lead without looking back and ended the afternoon with a substantial win, earning them the 2017 Knowledge Bowl trophy.
The 6th Grade Flamingo Team included Caroline Ghirardini, Jack Dillon and Tabitha Webster, alternate Daniel Grant. The 6th Grade Pelican Team included Lucy Newmyer, Jonathan Schram and Christina Taylor alternate Jackson Moross. The 7th-9th Grade Flamingo Team - Drake Rydberg, Isabel Carden and Isabella Pargiolas alternate Sydney Kosoy. The 7th-9th Grade Pelican Team - Tommy Burke, Caroline McCann and Martina Gil alternate Grant Kino.

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Pre-Primary & Primary Field Day
Science Night

On Thursday, February 23, two days before their older schoolmates faced off in the Walter H. Butler Field Day, the Pre-Primary and Primary students enjoyed their own Field Day. Our youngest Pelicans and Flamingos ran, jumped, threw, chased, pedaled and crawled their way to victory without noticing that no one was keeping score. They kicked off their morning with a march around the field before they participated in physical activity events that they had been practicing in P.E. classes. Unlike Saturday's Field Day, no points are earned during the Pre-Primary and Primary events. However, that didn't stop the tiny participants from taking the events seriously - right down to the closing tug-o-war.

Israeli Cellist, Amit Peled
Amit Peled

On February 24, world renowned Israeli cellist, Amit Peled, spent the morning sharing his wonderfully rich music with students and invited guests on our two campuses. Mr. Peled is a Professor at the Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins University. He was in Florida to participate in the Palm Beach Symphony Orchestra's - Education Program. During his three presentations at Palm Beach Day Academy, Mr. Peled and his cello mesmerized our students of every age with his inspirational personal story that seemed perfectly matched to the richly personal music that filled the Lower Campus music room and the Smith Family Theater.

Philanthropy Tank Finals - March 8
Philantrhopy Tank Philantrhopy Tank

Please join us on Wednesday, March 8 at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre from 6-8 pm for the second annual Palm Beach Philanthropy Tank Finals Event where PBDA students will be among the finalists. Register today at

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Feather Ball
Feather Ball

Saturday, March 4
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