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Election Day Teach-In
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L ast Tuesday, on Election Day, PBDA made the most of the opportunity to help our students understand the democratic process of selecting our representatives. The teachers and students participated in a school-wide Teach-In that involved an active day of special events, discussions, lectures, games and performances. Of course, duly registered PBDA student voters cast their ballots during the day. Check the results at the end of this article.
On October 14, the stage was set for the Teach-In on the Upper Campus when Rick Asnani, Head of Cornerstone Solutions, a political campaign strategy group; Jon Cooper, Director of Political Operations, Cornerstone; Anne Gannon, Tax Collector of Palm Beach County, former State House member; Keith James, City Commissioner for West Palm Beach; Mack Bernard, County Commissioner elect and former State Representative; Emily Pantelides, President, Pantelides PR and former Ch. 12 News Anchor; and Craig Agranoff, President, and FAU professor of Political Management spent the morning explaining the election process and the political strategies that candidates use to win votes in local, state and national elections. Students came to the morning prepared with intelligent and thoughtful questions about the democratic process and what they have observed so far in this election year.
On Election Day, PBDA parents Dodger Arp, Frances Fisher, John Copeland made special presentations to our students in the morning. Palm Beach Mayor, Gail Coniglio and Judge Small spoke to children on the Lower Campus. Dodger spoke to the 8th Graders about the role of the Judicial Branch of our Government. Frances spoke to the 5th Graders about her time as a staff member in George H. W. Bush's White House. John spoke to 6th and 7th Graders about the founding of our nation and he shared his rare copy of the Declaration of Independence. Mayor Coniglio spoke to the Kindergarten and First Grade about her role as mayor and joined their discussion of our community and the community helpers. They voted for their own candidates based on campaigns that they organized. "Grace" won in one Kindergarten class and "Duck" won in the other. "Splat" won in both First Grade classes, perhaps because she was portrayed by parent, Mae Ferguson. The Second Grade focused on our government's system of checks and balances as they participated in a mock congress and wrote and passed bills about the cafeteria and playground. The Third Graders took leadership roles as the decided what classroom community responsibilities they would like to have. The Fourth Grade spent the day in special activities designed to teach them about the workings of our three branches of government and specifically how Florida's government has dealt with environmental threats to the Everglades and how concerned citizens play a role in the process. Fifth Graders traveled to the Lower Campus to teach the 2nd Graders about the 43 U.S. Presidents and several Upper Campus grades walked downtown to witness voting in Palm Beach. The Ninth Grade spent Election Day in Washington D.C. and ended the day watching election returns in their hotel.
Back at school, the campuses were split with the Upper Campus favoring Donald Trump while on the Lower Campus Hillary Clinton was favored.
School-wide Results
Donald J. Trump: 211
Hillary Rodham Clinton: 184
Other: 21
Total : 416
UC - Students and Faculty
Donald J. Trump: 139
Hillary Rodham Clinton: 100
Other: 21
Total : 260
LC Students
Hillary Rodham Clinton: 84
Donald J. Trump: 72
Total: 156

Beyer Family A Leadership Gift Advances PBDA's STEAM Scholar-in-Residence Initiative
Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math (STEAM) programs are essential in a world where ready access to information and creative technology is reordering the pace and nature of learning. Properly run, these programs provide students with opportunities to blend aspects of these five disciplines as they collaborate with others toward goals – just as real-world tech teams do. Research occurs naturally every time new knowledge is required by the project. Having a genuine need for information that is necessary to solve real problems is an authentic goal and an intrinsic motivator for children.
Dr. Gordon is enthusiastic about this type of learning and knows that STEAM education requires experienced adults to make it most effective. His goal of adding a scholar-in-residence on each of our two campuses has come closer to reality due to the generosity of school parents Vanessa and Tony Beyer who are excited to fund a scholar on the Lower Campus for the next three years. Dr. Gordon and the Beyers hope that this leadership gift will inspire others to support strong STEAM programs on both campuses. “Vanessa and I have had a vision for a premier STEAM program at Palm Beach Day Academy to give our boys and all the children an even greater advantage in the future,” said Tony Beyer. “Edwin immediately shared the same vision, quickly creating a sound, strong program on par with the best of the best. It will only continue to grow with Edwin’s tremendous insight into creating the highest caliber program; he knows what we need to take our fantastic school to even higher levels. Our hope is that other like-minded parents will join with us to help realize this program to its great potential and ultimately prepare our children for the greatest academic, personal and professional success.”
The recruitment process is underway and will involve a thorough search for the person with the expertise to not only inspire children, but to also guide the development of a STEAM program to match PBDA’s standards of excellence.

Book Fair 2016 Book Fair 16
This year’s Book Fair "I VOTE for READING!"was a great success and we want to thank all of the volunteers who designed and made decorations, helped with set-up and take-down, volunteered at the Book Fair during the week, and supported PAJAMA DAY. A very special thanks goes to our Book Fair Chairs, Lyanne Azqueta, Juliana Gendelman, Jessica Koch, and Carrie Murray for their organization and dedication to this event. We also thank Jason Briggs and his father Charles Briggs III for dressing up as Uncle Sam and George Washington at our Book Fair kick-off assembly on November 4th, Barbie Lotfi for donning the Clifford costume to welcome everyone, and faculty member Jennifer Andreon for orchestrating class visits and special storytelling events on Pajama Day. We truly appreciate everyone’s support of the Book Fair.

Screenagers "Screenagers"

Palm Beach Day Academy invites parents to view "Screenagers" on Wednesday evening, November 30 in the Smith Family Theater.
SCREENAGERS probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director’s own, and depicts messy struggles over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Thru surprising insights from authors and brain scientists solutions immerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world. Watch the trailer.
Look for more details coming soon.

Annual Report 2015-2016 Annual Report
Each year, Palm Beach Day Academy's Annual Report is published by the Board of Trustees. Along with a breakdown of Operating Revenue and Expenses, it includes the list of Annual Fund donors.
The report for the 2015-2016 year can be viewed here.


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