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Great Expectations

Third Grade Play - The Secret Garden
Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden Secret Garden

“Sometimes, if you believe in things hard enough, Colin, they come true!” A lot of hard work, accompanied by a little belief, made the dreams of the PBDA Third Grade class come true. Their musical version of the beloved classic, The Secret Garden, held the audience captive. From the auditions held last fall, all the way through the musical performed on May 26th, the Third Grade students showed teamwork, passion, patience, and hard work. The students spent many hours memorizing the lines of the one hour and fifteen minute production. Their dedication paid off and they made their audience laugh and cry as they acted out the story of young Mary and Colin, set in England in the Victorian Era. You may hear these students skipping around to the old rhyme, “Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?!” The music theater experience connects with many things the students are learning about in the classroom, and directly connected to the special gardening project that took place this year on the Lower Campus. Congrats to the Third Grade on a job well done!

Thank You Dr. van der Bogert
Ground Breaking

On Wednesday, June 1, the students, faculty, and parents gathered in the Halmos Activities Center to say goodbye to Dr. van der Bogert and thank her for her nine years as PBDA's Head of School. The program included performances by the Lower School Chorus led by Robyn Huff with guitar accompaniment by George Yeager, and the Upper School Bulldog Chorus led by Annette Johnson. Tracy Kramm, Barbara Close, Erika Handley and 8th Grade Yearbook Editor, Zane Ice, presented Dr. van der Bogert with the 2016 PAW, Palm Beach Day Academy's Yearbook, which was dedicated to her. Parent School Council Vice President, Linda Soper, presented Dr. van der Bogert with a "Book of Memories," which was a collection of well-wishes from students, parents and faculty. Faculty members Claudie Finney and Karie Petrovics presented Dr. van der Bogert with a gift and card from the faculty. Students representatives from all thirteen levels presented Dr. Van with flowers and well wishes. The program concluded with a short video presentation of photos from Dr. van der Bogert's nine years as Head of School.

2016 Fine Arts Festival Forty-First Fine Arts Festival
On Monday, May 23, the Upper Campus students and their visual and performing arts were showcased in the Forty-First Fine Arts Festival. The students' work as visual artists was displayed on the walls of the atrium and hallways. The work included pottery, watercolors, drawings, paper sculpture, needlepoint, and computer illustrations. Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Graders performed in the Smith Family Theater to demonstrate their year-long work in music. Various groups played the recorder, percussion instruments, steel drums and handbells, as well as sang and danced for their parents and friends. Each year, when the artwork from the year is taken from storage and spread throughout the school and when newly learned talents are performed on stage, the scope of the student work is nearly overwhelming, especially since the artists, whose work is featured, are also hardworking students and athletes. Congratulations to the student artists and to arts teachers Scott Thompson, Tracy Kramm, Sue Chris, Claudie Finney, Richard Tummon and Annette Johnson.

Newnyer Scholars Newmyer Fellows to attend Project Zero in Harvard this summer
Due to the generosity of one of our parents, Terry Newmyer, four of our faculty members, Ashley Hollern, Valentina Gabrielli, Janice Remington, and George Yeager along with our Upper School Head, Sarah Kemeness will have a unique professional development experience this summer. As Newmyer Fellows, they will be attending the Project Zero Classroom Institute at Harvard University which provides teachers and administrators with strategies to enhance learning experiences that are engaging and exciting. The goal is to deepen student understanding, to encourage learners to think critically and creatively, and to make learning and thinking visible.

Middle School Sports Awards 2016
Sports Awards

The sports awards for 4th, 5th & 6th Graders were presented in a morning assembly on May 23. Pelican Field Day Captains Teddy Tarone and Seray Ozgenc, and winning Flamingo Captains Carter Levine and Bridget Burt were honored. Field Day Maddock Award winners Lauren Schram, Seray Ozgenc, Louis Helton, and Teddy Tarone were recognized for placing first in two Field Day events.
The coaches recognized 4th Graders who earned ribbons as National Award winners in the President's Fitness Challenge - Scout Balda • Samantah Bauer • James Caprio • Thalia Ferro • Annika Firlik • Giuliana Furlo  • Whit Hager • Avyn Kerprich • Emmanual Manchester • Catherine Nader • Teddy Orthwein • Makenzie Rogers • Cooper Smith • Annie Soper • Abby Steffee • Sydney Steffee • Tate Webster. Eight 4th Graders received the Presidential Award - Tyler Aronson • Berite Azgueta • Garvey Beall • Ashton Ellender • Gavin Handley • Jackson Miller • Stephen Myers • Harrison Soper.
Sixth Grade Coaches Awards were presented to Grace Singer, Peyvie Wexler, Mac Pulitzer, Carter Levine and Harrison Fisher. Sixth Grade Most Improved Awards were presented to Ainsley Balda and Charlie Lorentzen. Liana Stoll and Thomas Ferro received the Sportsmanship Awards. Finally, Lauren Schram and Teddy Tarone were honored with the Middle School Excellence in Sports Award for 2016.

Math Awards

The Florida Mathematics League sponsors a competitive testing program that is used in PBDA's math classrooms. On Tuesday, May 31st, the math department awarded Florida Mathematics League certificates to the top scoring Palm Beach Day Academy students in grades 4 through 8.
The recipients were -
4th Grade
  • Tyler Aronson - Mrs. Mitchell
  • Annika Firlik - Mr. Gramentine
  • Cameron Emmer - Mrs. Colpitts
  • Gavin Handley, Sydney Steffee and Whit Hager - Mrs. Chane
5th Grade
  • Lucy Newmyer - Mrs. Quinty
  • Sophie Shull - Mrs. Chane
  • Annabelle Savage - Mrs. Hollern
6th Grade
  • Charlie Lorentzen - 1st Place
  • Amelia Pottash - 2nd Place
  • Madison Oatley - 3rd Place
7th Grade
  • Caroline McCann - 1st Place
  • Elisha Thornton - 2nd Place
  • Jacob Ochstein, Nina Passler and Alex Kino - 3rd Place
8th Grade
  • Ethan Qin - 1st Place
  • Zane Ice and Tyler Sandstrom - 2nd Place
  • Tommy Burke, Beauregard Pearl and Nicholas Lorentzen - 3rd Place

Science Awards

The National Science League sponsors a competitive national testing program, from grades 2 through 12, covering all science content areas, including general science, Earth science, physics, chemistry and biology. The questions on each test are based on factual knowledge as well as students' understanding of scientific processes. On Tuesday, May 31st, the science department awarded National Science League medals and certificates to the top scoring Palm Beach Day Academy students in grades 5 through 9.
The recipients were -
  • Spencer Fuhr - 5th grade general science
  • Carter Levine - 6th grade general science
  • Isabella Pargiolas and Caroline McCann - 7th grade general science
  • Beauregard Pearl - 8th grade general science
  • Shane Knopp and Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer - 9th grade general science

Beauregard Pearl also received an NSL medal for the highest PBDA individual score in this year’s competition.

6th Grade Art Awards
Art Awards

At an Arts Awards Assembly on May 24, students were recognized for their accomplishments in the arts at PBDA.  The 6th Grade Art Award was presented to Amelia Pottash. The 6th Grade Drama Award was given to Liana Stoll. The 6th Grade Music Award went to Hadley Finch. The 6th Grade STEAM Award went to Lily Arp. Students involved in Spotlight on Young Musicians were recognized for their participation. The Spotlight on Young Musicians Award is given by the Kravis Center Spotlight Committee. Participants were 4th Graders Reilly Hollern • Chloe Levine • Alexa Petrovics • Scout Balda • Thalia Ferro and 5th Graders Felipe Ma-Pinto • Quintin Surles • Ava Gronberg.

2016 World Language Awards
Language Awards

The National Spanish Examination and the French National Contest (Le Grand Concours) are online, standardized assessment tools for students in Middle and High School. These tests are given voluntarily by teachers throughout the United States to measure performance and achievement of students who are studying Spanish or French as a second language. French students took their test on March 7, 2016 and Spanish students took their tests the second week of April. The National Spanish Examinations are the most widely used tests of Spanish in the United States.  In the spring of 2015, a total of 157,702 students participated in the online version of the exam. The National French Contest (Le Grand Concours) is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French. This year 85,832 students participated in the online contest. The purpose of these tests is:
   1. to recognize achievement in the study of a second language
   2. to promote proficiency in interpretive communication in a second language
   3. to assess the national standards as they pertain to learning a second language
   4. to stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of a second language.
It is with great excitement that we celebrate a great number of successful second language learners at Palm Beach Day Academy.
French Medalists in 7th, 8th and 9th grades:
Gold Medalists:
Sophia Lloyd-George • Sophie Gochman • Chloe Zenou   
Bronze Medalist:
Allegra Treves 
Honorable Mention:
Ally McGivney • Carter Nicoletti • David Lloyd George    
Spanish Medalists in 7th, 8th and 9th grades:  
Gold Medalist
Nina Passler • Ricardo Maduro-Vollmer * • Caroline McCann * • Nina Horgan • Isabel Carden * • Ariana Biondi-Copeland
Silver Medalist
Zane Ice • Logan Emmer • Jesse Litten • Miranda Green
Bronze Medalist
Tommy Burke • Elena Scheffler • Lilly Wytrzes • Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer • Landyn Hutto • Elias Manchester • Harrison Schram • Jacob Ochstein • Natasha Lomnitz
Alexander Bylin • Liz Cloninger • Connor Hutto • Grant Kino • Bella Schneider • Lauren Susick • Grace Watts • Avery Steinbeck • Aidan Burt • Jonah Kotzen • Shane Knopp • Erika Luter • Eloise Vaughn Williams • Harrison Stewart    
Señora Gabrielli, Señora Reyes and Madame Finney congratulate their students for their strong performance on the National Examination.  
* These students also received $100 from The National Spanish Examination for scoring in the 99 percentile of all test takers.

4th Grade Play 4th Grade Play
PBDA Fourth Graders ended their year-long study of Florida History by performing Rising from the Ashes: The Palm Beach Fire of 1925 on June 2 in the Smith Family Thester. Again this year, the Fourth Grade Play was written and directed by Jan Cook with music and choreography directed by Annette Johnson. Throughout the course of this year and every year, the Fourth Graders learn about local Florida history through classroom activities, field trips, and regular visits from Mr. Tony Marconi, Education Coordinator for the Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach. At the close of the performance, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Johnson honored Cooper Smith for his dedication to the show.

Talent16 Student Leadership Council Talent Show

The Student Leadership Council Talent Show was held on Friday, May 27 in the Smith Family Theater in the Matthews Center for Performing Arts. Over twenty separate acts included performers who danced, sang, and played musical instruments - piano, clarinet, drums, guitar - and sometimes combined two talents into one act. The performers were admired for their talents and courage as they stepped into the spotlight while their classmates looked on. Whatever stage fright they might have had was well worth the enthusiastically encouraging response from a supportive audience. Thank you to the Student Leadership Council and Mrs. Quinty and Mr. Gramentine for producing a great show.

Third Graders Go to Court
3rd Grade Trial

On June 6th, the Third Grade students presented their research-based trial before the Honorable Judge Small in her courtroom at the Palm Beach County Courthouse. This is the fifth year PBDA’s Third Grade students engaged in this student-driven, trimester-long, project-based learning experience. Through this project, the students deepened their understanding of the interdependence of plants and animals in an ecosystem, and learned about responsible ways for communities to develop. Additionally, the students improved their research, writing, critical thinking, and collaboration skills. Both classes debated whether they should or should not build on the wildlife refuge they created for their town’s scientifically designed animals. Based on the evidence presented by the students, The Honorable Judge Small made two rulings. For the students in room 203, the defendants won and they will be permitted to build a water tower and hospital. For those in room 204, the plaintiffs won and the defendants will not be allowed to build a farm on the wildlife refuge.

Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Year

Ninth Grader, Shane Knopp, has been selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of the Year Award. The Student of the Year is chosen by the faculty from the group of students chosen for the Student of the Month Awards throughout this school year. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Congratulations, Shane.

Service Above Self 2015-16 Service Above Self

Palm Beach Day Academy believes that community service can develop empathy and other key emotional and ethical capacities in our students. Although students may begin to engage in service because we require it, some are surprised to find the time serving others both enjoyable and gratifying.
Students qualify to receive the Service Above Self award by working beyond the minimum hourly requirements in service each year and by writing essays about their favorite service projects.
The 2015-2016 Service Above Self recipients, Griffin Johnson, Peps Fanjul, Sydney Kosoy, Shane Knopp, Avery Emmer, Martina Gil, Isabella Pargiolas, and Lolagrace Torres were honored at the Palm Beach Flagler Rotary breakfast on May 24th. Each student spoke to the group about his or her reasons for serving the community. Mrs. Kanai showed a video that highlighting the service opportunities available to students at every grade level, and showed the commitment that PBDA students and teachers have to serving children and families in need.


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