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Great Expectations

Ground Breaking - May 10, 2016
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On Tuesday, May 10th, under a white canopy filled with blue and yellow balloons, our PBDA Lower School students, faculty, parents, and community leaders came together for a ceremonial groundbreaking for our new Education Center.
More than $8 million has been raised to build new flexible learning spaces for grades Pre-K through third. The spaces will meet the needs of the students and school community for now, and for years to come.
Our goal this summer is the demolition of two current buildings, the Administration/Pre-Primary Building, which we affectionately call Bob’s Motel, and the Unity Church building, as well as the infrastructure and prep work needed before school returns to session in the fall.
Incoming head of school Dr. Edwin Gordon welcomed the crowd and invited the community to participate in the school’s exciting transformation.
“Today’s ceremony marks a very important transition of the Great Expectations campaign from the ‘friends and family’ of PBDA phase to a broader, more community-focused phase of fundraising,” said Dr. Gordon. “An essential component of the PBDA mission is its connection to the wider community. We aim to create a campus where the greater Palm Beaches community can gather with a shared goal of literacy, where future leaders can dream, follow their passions and learn leadership training from the very best. As you can see, our lower campus borders on West Palm Beach’s Rapollo complex, El Cid neighborhood and downtown. The new education center project will not only invest more than $8 million in new facilities to contribute to the continued revitalization of West Palm Beach -- but it also will strengthen community engagement and connections with local nonprofit institutions.”
Dr. Gordon announced that momentum for funding on the Lower Campus will continue as the site work for an arts and athletics building will happen during the site prep this summer. The Great Expectations building campaign will continue its fundraising for a phase 3 arts and athletics building.

Frankenstein Young Frankenstein
At three performances of "Young Frankenstein" in early May, audience members had to remind themselves that the performers were middle schoolers, as one professional quality show-stopper after another filled the Smith Family Theater in the Matthews Center for Performing Arts. Under the direction of Jan Cook, and musical director, Annette Johnson, the 7th - 9th Graders, who are also accomplished students and athletes, entertained three packed houses. For those in the audience who have known these children since they were in pre-school or earlier, the experience was especially memorable. At the end of the production, Mrs. Cook and Mrs. Johnson announced the recipients of the White Jacket, which is an honor given to a cast member who has shown talent, dedication and positive support to all involved in the show. Oscar Storkerson and Noah Dabill received the honor for "Young Frankenstein."
THE CAST: Fredrick Frankenstein-Grayson Costa • Inga-Sophia Lloyd George • Igor-Gray Foster & Nicholas Lorentzen • Elizabeth Benning-Allegra Treves • Frau Blucher-Diana Crompton • Victor Frankenstein-Carter Nicoletti • Monster-Oscar & Liam Storkerson • Hermit-Lily Kino • Inspector Kemp-Quinn Griffin • Ziggy-Noah Dabill • Herald-Katherine Panagoulias • Tasha-Natasha Lomnitz • Mr. Hilltop-Gray Foster • Sasha-Lily Kino • Messenger Boy/Dracula-Peps Fanjul • Masha-Katherine Justice • Steward-James McKenna • Basha-Erika Luter • Shoeshine Boy-Jacob George • Bob-Noah Dabill • 7th Grade Ensemble-Ariana Biondi-Copeland, Liz Cloninger, Jacob George, Martina Gil, Sophie Gochman, Miranda Green, Nina Horgan, Grant Kino, India Lalor, Jacob Ochstein, Nina Passler, Maya Patel, Carson Reid, Avery Steinbeck, Harrison Stewart, Oscar Storkerson, Lilli Wytrzes, Chloe Zenoe • 8th Grade Ensemble-Shirah Benarde, Katherine Justice, Lily Kino, Natasha Lomnitz, Erika Luter, Ally McGivney, James McKenna, Katherine Panagoulias, Danielle Weitzman.
THE CREW: Stage Managers-Leverett Hallowell, Patton Janssen and Griffin Johnson • Crew-Brooks Bishop, Aidan Burt, Sam Cutler, Jonah Kotzen, Ricardo Maduro-Vollmer and Ben Smith.
Director-Jan-Marie Cook • Musical Director-Annette Johnson • Technical Director-Les Heilakka • Assistant Technical Director-Hunter Morgan • Piano-Anneliesa Trethewey • Bass Guitar-Mark Johnson • Percussion-Steve Salo • Trumpet-Albert Perera • Violin-Renata Guitart.

2016 Athletic Awards

2016 Athletic Banquets The Athletic Banquets for the girls and boys were held last week. Our student/athletes were honored by their coaches and parents, and outstanding athletes received awards.
At the Girls’ Banquet, Athletic Director, Paul Cicio opened the awards portion by honoring winning Field Day Flamingo Captain, Elena Scheffler and Pelican Captain, Sayge Chiquito. Field Day Maddock Award winners Nina Horgan and Erika Luter were honored. Students spoke about each season before coaches Patti Griffin, Paul Cicio, Hilary Mendoza, Billy Coyle, Olympia Shields and Liddy Robinson presented Coaches' Awards for each sport – Lily Kino for volleyball; Elena Scheffler for basketball; Devon Woodson and Shirah Benarde for soccer; Lilly Fernsell for field hockey; and Erika Luter for lacrosse. The JV Most Improved Award was presented to Lauren Susick; the Overall JV Coaches' Award to Isabel Carden; and the JV Sportsmanship Awared to Maya Patel. The Varsity Most Improved Award was presented to Danielle Weitzman; the Overall Varsity Coaches' Award to Natasha Lomnitz; and the Varsity Sportsmanship Award to Diana Crompton. The Carol Rafter Excellence in Athletics Award was presented to Katherine Justice.
At the Boys’ Banquet, Athletic Director, Paul Cicio honored the winning Field Day Flamingo Captain, Kasen Jones and Pelican Captain, Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer. Field Day Maddock Award winner Ben Smith was honored. Coaches Paul Cicio, Billy Coyle, Bryce Stewart, Justin Moe and Chris Niebling presented Coaches' Awards for each sport – Adin McAuliffe for flag football; Tommy Burke for soccer; Carter Nicoletti for basketball; Liam Storkerson for lacrosse; Michael Schaefer for golf; and Adin McAuliffe for tennis. The JV Most Improved Award was presented to Carson Reid; the Overall JV Coaches' Award to Julien Neville; and the JV Sportsmanship Awared to JR LaBow and Jacob Ochstein. The Varsity Most Improved Award was presented to Patton Janssen; the Overall Varsity Coaches' Award to Sam Cutler; and the Varsity John L. Thompson Sportsmanship Award to Logan Emmer. The Jeffrey Dodge Excellence in Athletics Award was presented to Carter Nicoletti and Liam Storkerson.
During the ceremony, the parents and athletes surprised the coaches with the presentation of a framed commemoration of the 2016 Basketball Championship.
Middle School Athletic Awards will be presented in a special assembly on May 23, at 8:00am.

Lower School Roots & Shoots Chapter Making a Difference

Roots & Shoots When Dr. Jane Goodall visited PBDA last year, she inspired our students, faculty, and parents with her message about caring for the Earth and all living things. As a result of her visit, several teachers did on-line training with the Jane Goodall Institute last summer. Third grade teacher Vasantha Siva decided to sponsor a Roots & Shoots Chapter with third grade students. This group began meeting in December on Friday afternoons. As their project for the year, they chose to work to enhance the Lower Campus’ Natural Exploration Zone, a play area that can be used for multiple purposes.
Using Stanford’s Design Thinking Process, students analyzed the area and decided how to make the space of greater use to the children who would spend time there. Their ideas, along with a detailed budget, were recently presented to Dr. van der Bogert, Donna Tobey, and Chris Evans during a one-hour presentation. Students gave an oral presentation and then walked the property to show where various areas could be developed.
Roots & Shoots After consideration of all ideas, a follow-up meeting was held with the students to give feedback and provide approval to move forward with their ideas. The two projects that the students will work to complete by the end of this May are the creation of an outdoor classroom in a recessed alcove area of the playground and the organization of a storage shed containing art materials, games, musical instruments, and math and science manipulatives to use during recess.
We applaud the efforts of these students who chose to give back to their school community in such a positive way and look forward to seeing the final result! Because of their hard work and dedication, The Roots and Shoots Club students have received an official Roots and Shoots Certificate of Recognition from the Dr. Jane Goodall’s Institute. Congratulations!

Poetry Contest 5th Grade Poetry Contest
The Fifth Grade Poetry Contest ended with Caroline Ghirardini winning 1st Place with "Ants at the Olympics;" Mimi Gochman winning 2nd Place with "Portrait;" and Rafe Cochran winning 3rd Place with "O Captain, My Captain." The contest involves three rounds - the Classroom Round, the Semi-Final Round, and the Final Round in the Smith Family Theater.
Fifth Graders each began the contest by choosing a poem of sixteen lines or more. In the Classroom Round, judges chose roughly one half of each reading class. Those selected students went on to the Semi-Finals where three judges chose the ten finalists. The finalists recited their poems before the Upper Campus and their parents in the Smith Family Theater. This year, the judges for the Final Round were, Director of Development, Cynthia Kanai; former PBDA Headmaster, Jack Thompson; and Palm Beach Mayor, Gail Coniglio. In addition to the three top winners, the finalists included Halle Colbert, Ariane Nader, Tatiana Georgas, Meagan Williams, Sasha Shull, Marina Steinle, Tabitha Webster, and Ryan Wuhrman.


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