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85th Walter H. Butler Field Day
Flamingos 247 - Pelicans 238

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The 85th Walter H. Butler Field Day ended with the Flamingos winning by nine points with a score of 247 - 238. The day did not start out well for the Flamingos, however. The Pelican Alumni trounced the Flamingo Alumni in the Alumni Tug-O-War. The Pelican Flag runners out ran the Flamingos to start the games. Later in the day the Pelicans won every one of the relay events and entered the Tugs-O-War needing to win only one of the four. Going into the last Tug, the score was 237 - 236 in favor of the Pelicans. The 7-9th Grade boy Pelicans looked impressive and outnumbered the Flamingos by seven. In such situations, 5th & 6th Graders fill in, so seven younger boys joined the Flamingos. When the starting whistle blew, the Pelicans moved the rope their direction at first, but after a moment it began inching toward the Flamingos and kept on going. The Flamingos took the victory lap for the forty-first time, once for each of their forty-one wins. The Pelicans are still ahead with forty-four wins.
The Pelicans and Flamingos were lead by their elected captains. The official captains included 7-9 Flamingos: Kasen Jones, Elena Scheffler; 7-9 Pelicans: Sayge Chiquito, Gus Maduro-Vollmer; 6th Flamingos: Bridget Burt, Carter Levine; and 6th Pelicans: Seray Ozgenc, Teddy Tarone. This year Pelican, Landyn Hutto and Flamingo Allegra Treves stepped in at the last minute to serve as captains because illness kept Sayge and Elena at home on Field Day.
The 2016 Field Day produced seven Maddock Award winners. Maddock Awards are earned by student athletes who place 1st in two events - individual or relay
Lauren Schram (P) 5-6th Grade Girls Running Broad Jump / 5-6th Grade Girls 800yd Relay
Seray Ozgenc (P) 5-6th Grade Girls Softball Throw / 5-6th Grade Girl/Boy 800yd Relay
Louis Helton (P) 5-6th Grade Boys Running Broad Jump / 5-6th Grade Boys 800yd Relay
Teddy Tarone (P) 5-6th Grade Boys Football Throw / 5-6th Grade Boys 800yd Relay
Nina Horgan (P) 7-9tj Grade Girls Softball Throw / 7-9th Grade Girls 800yd Relay
Erika Luter (P) 7-9th Grade Girls Standing Broad Jump / 7-9th Grade Girls 800yd Relay
Ben Smith (P) 7-9th Grade Boys Running Broad Jump / 7-9th Grade Boys 800yd Relay

Click to see the Field Day results for all individual and relay events.

Knowledge Bowl Knowledge Bowl 2016

The 27th Annual Knowledge Bowl, held on April 19th, ended in a Flamingo victory with a final score of 1050 - 870. The Pelican 5th & 6th Grade team of Taylor Handley, Colin McGivney, and Peyvie Wexler (alternate - Luke Miller) did their share to help their team and left a twenty point lead at the end of their round; P-380, F-360. The 7th-9th Grade Flamingo team of Zane Ice, Patton Janssen and Sophia Lloyd George (alternate Carter Nicoletti) began their round determined to turn the deficit into a win and jumped out to an early start. The Pelicans made a swift comeback that had Flamingos biting their nails, before the Flamingos pulled ahead and took the win. The Flamingo 5th & 6th Grade Team was Ryan Burt, Avery Emmer, and Liana Stoll (alternate Amelia Pottash). The Pelican 7th - 9th Grade team was Jonah Kotzen, Gustavo Maduro Volmer, and Ally McGivney (alternate Adin McAuliffe).
The Fourth Grade Cheerleaders entertained the audience during an intermission.

Pre-Primary and Primary Field Day

Primary Field Day Two days before their older schoolmates faced off in the Walter H. Butler Field Day, the Pre-Primary and Primary students enjoyed their own Field Day. Our youngest Pelicans and Flamingos ran, jumped, threw, chased, pedaled and crawled their way to victory without noticing that no one was keeping score. They kicked off their morning with a march around the field before they participated in physical activity events that they had been practicing in P.E. classes. Unlike Saturday's Field Day, no points are earned during the Pre-Primary and Primary events. Nothing was measured or timed, but, on the "delightful cuteness" scale, this event is always a perfect 100.

Celebrating All That Connects Us To One Another

International Week The Lower School classrooms and hallways were filled with the sights and sounds of many cultures with this year’s Global Villages on February 8th and the International Day performance on February 11th. Family and friends had the opportunity to hear directly from students about the various countries being studied this year.
First through Third Graders created “villages” that showcased important aspects of the countries they have been studying since the announcement of the countries at the International Day of Peace Flag Assembly in September. This year’s countries included Italy, Greece, India, Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Fiji. Visual displays, student-created books, traditional clothing and special foods created an inviting environment for visitors.
All students from Pre-Primary through Third Grade performed in the 21st annual International Day performance. This long-standing tradition began with a rendition of “Hey, Brother” by the Lower School Chorus and ended with the singing of “Let There Be Peace on Earth”. Other creative pieces included songs sung in Spanish, native dances, a performance of the fable “The Tortoise and the Hare” which tied into the study of Greece, a dramatic retelling of the Saudi Arabian folktale “The Wonder Tree,” and an entertaining version of the song “The Land Down Under” with new lyrics composed by the students themselves. Pre-Primary and Primary represented the United States and Canada with performances of “Yankee Doodle” and “O’ Canada.”
The Global Villages and International Day events provide Lower School students with multiple opportunities for integrating the arts into the curriculum. This is exactly the basis for STEAM initiatives in education (the “A” in STEAM stands for ART). Another example of arts integration was the creative artwork completed for each country during art classes with Mrs. Handley. These art projects were on display during the Global Villages.
We truly appreciate all of the parents, grandparents, and community friends who have enhanced our Global Studies Program this year with their firsthand accounts of the places being studied. We extend a special thanks to the following people for their contributions: Bob Vila, Diana Barrett, Nicole Garcia, David Hernandez, Mohit Mukherjee, Lana Abdo, Maura Christu, Mattie Ziska, Rod Titcomb, Ashley Ramos, Anastasia Georgas, Angie Marin, Dina Paolella, and Bettina Knoblauch.

Undefeated League Champions

2016 League Champions The 2016 Boy’s Varsity Basketball Team had a historic season this year winning the conference championship and going 11-0 for an undefeated season, both firsts for the boys basketball program.
The season began in early January with the first game on the road at Jupiter Christian. The team quickly began to show their talent and cruised to a 41-22 victory. The game was followed up with another double-digit win against Kings Academy, 42-24. The Boys then beat Gulf Stream School in what would be there closest game of the season, 23-22. The next five games would all be won by an average margin of 21 points, beating Meyer Academy, Franklin Academy, St. Marks, Rosarian Academy and finishing the regular season by beating the defending league champions the Benjamin School.
Heading into the playoffs with an 8-0 record, the Bulldogs would have a rematch with St. Marks. The game turned into a very tough battle, with PBDA eventually winning a close game 29-26. That win would put PBDA into the Championship game for the first time in school history. The championship would be a rematch with the Kings Academy. The game would be played on our home floor, with the largest crowd of the year cheering for the Bulldogs. Again, this game turned into a tough battle, with PBDA eventually winning 27-26 as the crowd poured onto the floor to celebrate the championship. In one final game, the Bulldogs capped off the undefeated season by beating the Gulf Stream School, preserving the 11-0 season.
For the season, several school records were broken. Aside from the number of wins in a season, now set at 11, the top two scoring seasons were also set. Carter Nicoletti now holds the greatest scoring season, becoming the first PBDA Boy’s basketball player to score over 100 points in a season as he had 108 points on the year. Carter led, or was tied for the scoring lead, in 7 of the 11 games this season. Liam Storkerson now has the 2nd greatest scoring season as he scored 93 points this season. Liam also now holds the career scoring mark as he has 148 for his 2-year varsity career.
Nearly everyone of the 15-member varsity team scored and everyone made great contributions to this championship season. Aside from Carter and Liam’s scoring this season, double-digit scoring contributions came from James McKenna, Robbie Jackson III, Tommy Burke, Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer, Adin McAuliffe, Ben Smith, and Aidan Burt. Making tremendous contributions throughout this season either in scoring, rebounding or with great defensive plays were Noah Dabill, Jason Nie, Lance Prosser, Patton Janssen, Oscar Storkerson and Sam Cutler. The team was proudly coached by Billy Coyle and Paul Cicio.
Girls Soccer The Lady Bulldogs Soccer Team ended their season with 3 wins and 3 losses. They were seeded 3rd for the semi-finals playing number 2 seed Rosarian Academy. Going into this game, they knew it would be a tough battle. It ended with a tale of two halves. The first half, the Bulldogs came out strong with a number of fast breaks, but weren't able to find the back of the net. The game was a fast paced back and forth type of half. With a minute left in the first half, Rosarian took the lead with a scramble inside the box. Unfortunately, in the second half the girls came out a little flat and Rosarian came out quick and scored another goal. We ended the game and our season 0-4. Our goalie Ally McGiveny had 8 saves in the game and did an outstanding job. Back up goalie and defender Grace Watts showed improvement all season. Offensive play was led by captain Diana Crompton, who was our lead scorer as well. Other scorers were, Lilly Fernsell, Lily Kino, Natasha Lomnitz, Danielle Weitzman, Molly Eversmann, and, Martina Gil. Our other offensive contributors were Erika Luter, Eloise Vaughan Williams, and Majesty Wiggins. Solid defensive play came from Elena Scheffler, Allegra Treves, Devon Woodson, and Katherine Justice. One of the best offensive threats we had was Shirah Benard's throw-ins. She had the ability to throw the ball down the field or in the box at least 30 yards. For the playoffs, we moved up 7th graders Ariana Biondi-Copeland, Nina Horgan, and Maya Patel. We're all looking forward to seeing these three girls playing Varsity next year.


2016 Presidents For the 26th time, PBDA 5th Graders portrayed the U.S. Presidents in the annual Presidents' Assembly on the Friday before Presidents' Day. As part of their U.S. history class, each 5th Grader selected a president and then went to work learning about his most interesting characteristics and historical accomplishments, failures, triumphs and tragedies. The Presidents' Assembly is a yearly moment of excitement for the 5th Graders and their audience which includes more than a hundred upper school classmates who fondly remember their own moment at the microphone in years past.
Congratulations to the 5th Grade. Now, on to the Banquet of the Gods!

Science Olympiad

2016 Science Olympiad PBDA Science students traveled to FAU in Boca Raton on Saturday, February 13 for the first PBDA entry into the Science Olympiad competition. The team, organized in December, prepared for weeks by first learning the challenges and then finding solutions. For example, the bottle rocket competition challenged students to build a bottle rocket that would launch an egg and land it unharmed. To win, a team had to build a rocket that would insulate the egg on landing, but would also stay aloft longer than the rockets of competitors. Similar challenges including building the strongest bridge model, using clues to solve a crime mystery, knowing the night sky, accurately launching a ping pong ball, and many more.
The team entered the Olympiad as novices, but finished the day as seasoned competitors ready to use what they've learned to prepare for next year and share in the building of a winning Science Olympiad team.
In spite of their novice status, our team came home with a 3rd Place in the Bottle Rocket competition, Spencer Fuhr and Charlie Lorentzen; a 3rd Place in Reach for the Stars, Ryan Burt and Spencer Fuhr; and a 1st Place in the Crime Busters competition, Lily Arp and Lolagrace Torres. Congratulations to the PBDA Olympiad team and coaches, Mrs. Hollern and Mr. Ojeda..

100th Day

2016 Science Olympiad February 18th marked the 100th day of the 2015-2016 school year and this “milestone” provided the impetus for students to engage in learning experiences (some academic and some just plain old fun!) centering on the number 100. It was hard to miss the fact that it was the 100th day as students entered the elementary building to find a sign in the hallway welcoming them to the 100th day of school. Kindergarten students wore crowns in honor of the day for all to see.
Many different activities took place. In Primary, students created artwork using a dot painting technique with 100 dots of paint. Show and Tell focused on bringing in 100 objects from home. Kindergarten students also brought in “Collections of 100”, wrote about what they might do with $100, read about life 100 years ago, and made portraits of themselves 100 years from now. Technology came into play when students used an “aging” app to show the children what they might look like 100 years from now.
Students in Grade 1 did a variety of hands-on learning activities that included a 100th Day Olympics, creating scenes with 100 pattern blocks, and estimating using jars of objects. During snack time, they had 100 seconds to come up with their best joke to share with their classmates. Second graders used the 100th day to focus on math concepts related to data collection, making predictions, and finding the “mode” in a given set of data. Third graders honed the thinking skill of compare and contrast using a Keynote presentation that included photos from 1916. Students had a great time reflecting on how things have changed.
The 100th Day activities are always a hit with our students. We can’t wait for 2021 when we will be able to celebrate the 100th day of school AND the 100th anniversary of PBDA!

RPlatten 2016 Feather Ball Featuring Rachel Platten,
Presented by First Republic Bank

Join us March 5th as we welcome international recording artist Rachel Platten to this year’s Feather Ball. Rachel will be performing live at the Smith Family Theatre in the Matthews Center for Performing Arts as part of our school fundraising efforts. BE PART OF THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT! Tickets are going FAST, so reserve your seat NOW! Contact Paula Martin or 561-655-1188 x 125
Click to View Theatre Seating Diagram.
Click to View the Bulldog Television Feather Ball Announcement.

Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Month - January

Logan Emmer has been selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of the Month Award for January. The Student of the Month is chosen by the faculty from the 8th & 9th Graders. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Congratulations, Logan.


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