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2015 Hatching
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PBDA's newest students learned their team affiliations, Pelican or Flamingo, on Friday, October 2 in two special Hatching Ceremonies. During the ceremonies on each campus, new students were handed gold plastic eggs that contained a blue pelican wristband, or a yellow flamingo wristband. Then, as their schoolmates looked on, the eggs were opened and the new fledglings were welcomed to their flocks.
The annual Hatching has become an exciting kick-off of PBDA's favorite tradition, the friendly Pelican / Flamingo rivalry that culminates each year with the Walter Butler Field Day in February.


Award Academics & Automobiles
More than two hundred Palm Beach Day Academy Parents, Faculty and Trustees joined together to enjoy an evening of food, friends, antique cars, and fundraising October 15 for this year’s Feather Ball Pre-Auction Party. Each year, PBDA parents and special guests help contribute to the success of the Feather Ball by participating in a pre-auction fundraising gathering. The annual event, held this year at the Munder Antique Car Warehouse, was generously hosted by PBDA parents and Feather Ball co-chairwomen Andrea Kosoy and Nicole Munder, and included the culmination of parents bidding for their children to participate in the school-wide “Kids Rule the School” day. This year, 89 PBDA faculty and staff will vacate their seats November 13, and PBDA students will “Rule the School.” Parent bidding for these seats generated more than $58,000 for PBDA.
The highlight of the evening was the announcement that Rachel Platten, world-renowned singer, songwriter and supporter of numerous charitable organizations, will perform at the 2016 Feather Ball. The Feather Ball Dinner & Auction is Palm Beach Day Academy’s signature fundraising event and will be held on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at PBDA. Feather Ball attendance is adults only. Please contact Paula Martin at (561) 655-1188, extension 125 for sponsorship, underwriting, auction item donation and to buy your tickets today!

Award Charles Brewer - Naturalist & Explorer
Charles Brewer, a self-made explorer and naturalist and author was warmly welcomed by Palm Beach Day Academy on October 15. Mr. Brewer is known for his passion-driven explorations and discoveries in the jungles of Venezuela. He has discovered and named of over 28 species, and uncovered the largest quartzite cave in the world. His approach to discovery involves immersion in the native culture. Living among the natives for many years provided him a way to embark on fascinating adventures in remote locations. Brewer shared these experiences and awe-inspiring images to the Third through Ninth Grade students in the Smith Family Theater. He began the presentation by starting a fire on stage in less that 3 seconds - a time that he proudly notes is a world record. In his presentation, Charles Brewer captivated the students, sparking questions in each the classes that he visited for the remainder of the day. He left a lasting impression of what it means to appreciate the beauty of nature and he challenged the students to see something “new” each day. We want to thank the Thornton and Maduro-Vollmer familes for inviting Charles to share his passion and inspire our students at Palm Beach Day Academy.

Award Johns Hopkins
On the basis of their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade standardized test scores, fifty-three 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Graders qualified to take the next step toward acceptance to the Johns Hopkins CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Program. Eligibility is earned by scoring at or above the 95th percentile on achievement tests that includes a sub-test of reasoning. Palm Beach Day Academy uses the Stanford-10 scores to determine eligibility. Achieving a qualifying score on the Stanford is the first step for students who would like to participate in the CTY offerings. To apply, qualifiers must take the SCAT (School & College Ability Test) at a local testing center.

Current Grade 2:
Lucas. A.
Whitney A.
Evan Levi B.
Gordon B.
Cody C.
Christopher E.
Owen F.
Blake F.
Kate F.
Joanna G.
Peyton H.
Destiny H.
Molly K.
Charles L.
Bud M.
R.J. M.
Thomas M.
Berkay O.
Olivia Q.
Christopher R.
Samuel S.
Allison T.

Current Grade 3:
Mary A.
Brooks B.
Evan F.
Charles G.
Micah K.
Allie K.
Finn L.
Rangeley N.
Lucy P.
Rachel P.
Katherine P.
Addison R.
Jacob S.
Maxine W.
Grace Z.

Current Grade 4:
Tyler A.
Bertie A.
Scout B.
Samantha B.
Garvey B.
Marin C.
Amelia K.
Alexis K.
Chloe L.
Emmanuel M.
Ansley M.
Jackson M.
Teddy O.
Roger R.
Tate W.
Samantha W.

Teddy Bear Picnic 30th PBDA Teddy Bear Picnic
On Friday, October 2, the Kindergarten class of 2025 shared the 30th annual Teddy Bear Picnic with their friends, teachers and parents. The children enjoyed a picnic lunch with their teddy bears and their families. Students brought their teddies to school on Monday and spent a week learning about bears, and doing lots of bear math activities. This time-honored tradition makes for a wonderful Kindergarten beginning and is one of the many events these children will remember in 2025 and beyond.

pic1 Fall Sports
The Palm Beach Day Academy Boy’s Flag Football team headed into the playoffs playing their best football of the season, winning 5 of their last 6 games.
In the semi finals the bulldogs would face Rosarian Academy for a third time this season. PBDA quickly jumped out to a 21-0 halftime lead, and won the game 35-6. This win put PBDA into a 3rd consecutive league Championship game. The match up would be against an undefeated St. Marks team. St. Marks had already handed the bulldogs 2 losses this season and PBDA was hoping to avenge those losses.
The game turned into a great defensive battle with the score tied at -0- at the end of the 1st quarter. St. Marks broke the tie midway through the second quarter taking a 7-0 lead. The PBDA offense wasn’t able to respond, and St. Marks added a second touchdown late in the 2nd quarter, taking a 13-0 lead with 13 seconds left in the half. With one last try to score before halftime, PBDA threw a long pass hoping for a score, but the pass was intercepted. St. Marks returned the interception to the 25, and, with one play left in the half, St. Marks scored another touchdown to take a 19-0 halftime lead. Those two touchdowns in less than 15 seconds created an insurmountable lead. The Bulldogs did make a late charge, and Liam Storkerson threw his first touchdown pass of the season to Sam Cutler. Storkerson also tossed the extra point to Carter Nicoletti, making the final score 19-7 with the Bulldogs taking home the second place trophy. PBDA finished the season with a 6 and 4 record.
For the season, Liam Storkerson set the PBDA scoring record by scoring 90 points in ten games. In addition to his scoring, he also paced the defense with 5 interceptions, 3 of which he returned for touchdowns. Adin McAuliffe was the teams starting quarterback and threw for a team leading 14 touchdowns. Adin was also second on the team in scoring with 45 points. Carter Nicoletti, Lance Prosser, Tommy Burke and Ben Smith all were double digit scorers for the Bulldogs. Also scoring this season were Sam Cutler, Robbie Jackson, Patton Janssen, Grayson Costa, James McKenna, Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer and Noah Dabill.
On defense, interceptions were recorded by Storkerson, McAullife, Nicoletti, Prosser, Burke, Cutler and Michael Schaefer. Great “flag-pulling” tackles in the season were led by Shane Knopp, Quinn Griffin, Kasen Jones, Logan Emmer, Ricky Maduro-Vollmer and Teddy Tarone.
pic1 The Girls Varsity Volleyball team finished their season with a record of 4-4 overall. Seeded fourth in the playoffs, we hosted fifth seed Rosarian Academy. Having beat them earlier in the season, we knew that it was still going to be a tough match. Losing the first game 23-25, we came back strong in the second winning 25-19. With a few missed opportunities, we ended up losing the last game 8-15. Throughout the season, co-captains and setters Katherine Justice and Elena Scheffler showed much leadership on the court. They controlled the tempo of the game and added several service points in each match. Lily Kino, Erika Luter and Shirah Benarde led the team in service points and contributed greatly on defense and attack. Strong defensive play came from Danielle Weitzman, Natasha Lomnitz and Allegra Treves. One of our other back row players, Sayge Chiquito was out due to injury mid way through the season. Marissa Daly and Ariana Biondi-Copeland added to our kills as middle and outside hitters. We would like to thank the parents and fans for all their support during our Volleyball season.

Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Month
Landyn Hutto has been selected as the Kiwanis Student of the Month for October and Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer has been selected as the Kiwanis Student of the Month for November.
The Student of the Month is chosen by the faculty from the 8th & 9th Graders. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Congratulations, Landyn & Gustavo.

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