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At three performances of "Shrek The Musical" last weekend, audience members had to remind themselves that the performers were middle schoolers as one professional quality show-stopper after another filled the Smith Family Theater in the Matthews Center for Performing Arts. At the end of the production, Mrs. Cook announced the recipient of the White Jacket, which is an honor given to a cast member who has shown talent, dedication and positive support to all involved in the show. Alexander Barr received that honor for "Shrek."
THE CAST: Shrek-Henry Horgan • Fiona-Daniela Garcia • Donkey-Lyon Foster • Lord Farquaad-William de Melo • Dragon-Francesca Alfano • Pinocchio-Emily Elhilow • Gingy-Allegra Treves • Big Bad Wolf-Johan Kramm • Three Little Pigs-Annabel Dewing, Samantha Webster, Natalie Zoller • Mad Hatter-Alex Barr • Wicked Witch-Talia Chachkes • Ugly Duckling-Harrison Koeppel • White Rabbit-Perry Middleton • Fairy Godmother-Marisa Daly • Peter Pan-Chris Williams • Tinkerbell-Lily Kino • Sugar Plum Fairy-Erika Luter • Elf-Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer • Goldilocks-Landyn Hutto • Red Riding Hood-Stephanie Reyes • Papa Bear-Noah Dabill • Mama Bear-Francesca Alfano • Baby Bear-Gray Foster • Tweedle Dee-Alfi Auersperg • Tweedle Dum-Quinn Steinbeck • Three Blind Mice-Sayge Chiquito, Hailey Pflaumer, Elena Scheffler • Mama Ogre-Landyn Hutto • King Harold-Alfi Auersperg • Queen Lillian-Stephanie Reyes • Magic Mirror-Lance Prosser • Bishop-Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer • Dwarf-Johan Kramm • Shrek-Henry Horgan, Young Ogre-Grant Kino • Young Fiona-Ryan Wuhrman • Teen Fiona-Ava Neary • Captain of the Guard-Dylan Green • Thelonious-Taylor Frederick • Duloc Guards-Nate Gramentine, Quinn Griffin, Kasen Jones, Lance Prosser, Sebastian Rupp • Happy People/Angry Mob/Duloc Men/Knights-Logan Emmer, Peps Fanjul, Griffin Johnson, Nicholas Lorentzen, James McKenna, Liam Storkerson • Happy People/Angry Mob/Duloc Ladies/Dragonettes-Diane Crompton, Katherine Justice, Sophia Lloyd George, Natashia Lomnitz, Ally McGivney, Katherine Panagoulias, Danielle Weitzman.
THE CREW: Stage Managers-Daniel Abdi, Camilla McCranels, River Schnirman • Crew-Lev Hallowell, Patton Janssen, Carter Nicoletti, Ben Smith.
Director-Jan-Marie Cook • Musical Director-Annette Johnson • Technical Director-Les Heilakka • Assistant Technical Director-Hunter Morgan • Piano-Anneliesa Trethewey • Bass Guitar-Mark Johnson • Percussion-Steve Salo • Trumpet-Dwane Earnhardt • Violin-Renata Guitart.


Bull Dog Bash 2015 Bulldog Bash

PBDA's Lower Campus BULLDOG BASH last Saturday was a fun gathering for our school community. For two hours, school families were treated to amusement rides, face painting and games provided by the Student Leadership Council, music, cotton candy and popcorn treats, free play on the playground, and a “Make & Take” gardening activity in the Lower Campus Garden.
Third grade teacher Sarah Evans also shared slides from her recent trip to The Center for Action and Development Orphanage in Ganthier, Haiti where she delivered items for the children donated by PBDA third grade students.

Poetry Contest 5th Grade Poetry Contest
The Fifth Grade Poetry Contest ended with Marissa Govic winning 1st Place with "The Saddest Noise, The Sweetest Noise," Finley Murray winning 2nd Place with "Life is Fine," and Avery Emmer winning 3rd Place with "Abigail." The contest involves three rounds - the Classroom Round, the Semi-Final Round in the Wean Library and the Final Round in the Smith Family Theater.
Fifth Graders each begin by choosing a poem of sixteen lines or more. In the Classroom Round, judges choose roughly one half of each reading class. Those selected students go on to the Semi-Finals where three judges choose the ten finalists. The finalists recite their poems before the Upper Campus and their parents in the Smith Family Theater. This year, the judges for the Final Round were, Alumna Kathleen Emmett, former PBDA Headmaster, Jack Thompson, and Palm Beach Public School Principal, Christie Schwab. In addition to the three top winners, the finalists included Liana Stoll, Leo Darwin-Vogel, Jensyn Kretchmar, Amelia Pottash, Ava Neary, Alastair Precoda, and Harrison Fisher.

pic1 Hilary Mendoza - Dwyer Award Finalist
PBDA Upper Campus history teacher, Hilary Mendoza, will be at the Dwyer Award Ceremony at the Kravis Center on Wednesday, May 6, along with her many supporters. The William T. Dwyer Awards for Excellence in Education will be given to one recipient in each of five categories: elementary, middle, & high school, and special programs & career education. Each winner will receive $3,000 and a personalized plaque; each of the others will receive $500 and a certificate.
The finalists include many teachers from public schools, plus Hilary.
The awards are named for the late William T. Dwyer, founding president of the Education Foundation.
The PBDA family wishes Hilary the very best and hopes that she will join Cynthia Kanai and Barbara Close, PBDA's two recent Dwyer Award recipients.

pic1 2015 — 2nd Trimester Honors
PBDA's Honor Roll lists the Upper Campus Students who have achieved High Honors, Honors and Effort Club. To earn High Honors, a student in 6th through 9th Grade must have an overall average of 90 or better, with no grade below 80. To earn Honors, a student in 6th through 9th Grade must have an average of 85 to 89.99, with no grade below 75. Fifth Graders earn 5th Grade Honors by achieving an average of 85 or better, with no grade below 75. Effort Club is awarded to students in grades 4 - 9 who have received ratings of mostly "Ones" with no more than three "Twos" in effort from their teachers.
Click to view the honors list

Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Month for April
Kristen Frederick was selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of the Month Award for April.
The Student of the Month is chosen by the faculty from the 8th & 9th Graders. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Congratulations, Kristen.


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