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Mad Hatter Feather Ball
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The Ponce de Leon Ballroom at The Breakers Palm Beach was transformed into a garden wonderland on April 10th as more than 250 Palm Beach Day Academy trustees, parents, alumni, past parents, grandparents, and special friends attended the 2015 Feather Ball. PBDA parents Jean Koeppel, Donna Lloyd George, Susan Miller, and Marzia Precoda chaired the much anticipated signature fundraising event. Grand Sponsors of the Feather Ball were Margaritaville and the Schumacher Automotive Group.
Guests first kept busy perusing more than 300 silent auction items, donated by PBDA supporters, families, and faculty. Bidding activity placed through guests’ cellular phones made shopping a breeze and allowed guests to move freely throughout the room, engaging with old friends and making new friends while keeping close watch on their favorite auction items. Among the most sought after silent auction items each year are items generously donated by PBDA Faculty. Read More

Chairman of the Board Scott Johnson and Head of School Dr. Rebecca van der Bogert welcomed guests and introduced faculty member Jim Gramentine, who served as Master of Ceremonies for the Lucky Feather portion of the program. The Lucky Feather raffle enables one lucky Feather Ball guest to win a Live Auction item for $100. The night continued with the highlight of the evening - the live auction - and included a spectacular dinner and an evening of dancing to the sounds of Soul Survivors. Live Auction Master of ceremonies, faculty member, parent, and alumna Jan-Marie Cook was captivating as the event auctioneer. Her love for the school and community added a genuine charm to the live auction portion of the evening, where priceless items, exotic trips, sporting events, and once in a lifetime opportunities helped contribute to the overall netting of more than $400,000 for the school. A Call From the Heart appeal in support of PBDA Transportation led by PBDA parent and coach Patti Griffin closed out the evening’s fundraising activities.
More than 60 Auction Committee members worked tirelessly in the months before the event planning all aspects of the evening, creating class projects, collecting auction items, helping with décor and invitations, setting up the event, and much more. Another 60 plus volunteers, PBDA Faculty, were on site throughout Friday evening insuring guests were comfortable with everything from the registration and bidding process to experiencing a smooth “check-out” collecting their valuable winnings.
Throughout the auction season, the extended family and faculty of PBDA have shown their generosity with their time and money. The Auction Co-Chairs join the school administration and the development team of Kathleen Emmett, Paula Martin, Cindy DeSilva, and Anita Nida in thanking everyone.


Jane Goodall A Conversation with Jane Goodall

Palm Beach Day Academy was incredibly honored to welcome Dr. Jane Goodall to a special Flag Assembly at the Lower Campus on April 2. Speaking under the oak trees to an assembly of over 400 children and parents, Dr. Goodall shared how, as a young child, she was always curious about the natural world and pursued her lifelong dream to go to Africa. She also shared some of her now famous research about chimpanzees. In her parting remarks to the students and families, she encouraged everyone to consider ways that we can make our world a healthy, sustainable environment for years to come.
After the Flag Assembly, Dr. Goodall met with second and third graders and answered questions prepared by the students. Following the question and answer session, Dr. Goodall and the students planted a new bay rum tree along the drop-off driveway. At the end of the tree planting, Dr. Goodall kissed a leaf and whispered, “Grow well.” One third grade boy later remarked, “She’s the most peaceful person I ever met.”
Its was a wonderful way for the Lower Campus to kick off “Earth Month” as students focus on the 2015 Earth Day theme of “It’s our turn to lead.” Jane Goodall is a shining example of the power of one person to make a difference.

China Partnership China Partnership

Twenty-one students and teachers recently returned from China, marking the completion of Palm Beach Day Academy’s sixth China Partnership journey. Visits to Shanghai, Xi’an, and Beijing included the Terracotta Warriors, Tiananmen Square, The Forbidden City, and The Great Wall. For our students, however, the greatest meaning once again was found in the up close and personal time spent with Chinese children at Beijing's Yu Ying School and Gao Bei Dian Orphanage. Language barriers were quickly overcome during these moments as real, mutually beneficial relationships were formed. Over the past six years, the China Partnership has dramatically raised the consciousness of nearly 65 students and the PBDA community as a whole to China’s culture and people. It is a commitment that we look forward to maintaining in the future.

Girls Soccer Pluto and the Class of 2015
Only those with long memories will recall the connection shared by the distant former planet, Pluto, and PBDA's Class of 2015. Nine years ago, in January of 2006, the New Horizons spacecraft was launched from the Kennedy Space Center on a mission to Pluto. The spacecraft has been steadily heading for its goal and is now getting 31,000 miles closer to Pluto by the hour. It will arrive in July.
Back in January of 2006, our current 9th Graders were in Kindergarten and only a few months into their mission. They, too, are now getting much closer to their goal by the hour. They will arrive in June. Former PBDA Kindergarten Director, Christine Bennett, noticed the similar time frame shared by her Kindergarteners and the New Horizons probe and commemorated the connection by putting together a poster with a photo of the students and a newspaper article about the launch for the Kindergarten bulletin board. That poster has been preserved all these years. Christine Bennett entrusted it to Tom Sarko when she retired and he has kept it ever since, waiting for the moment when both the probe and the 9th Grade would be making final pushes toward their goals.
That moment is now.

7th Graders Qualify for TIP Summer Studies
pic1 Five Palm Beach Day Academy Seventh Graders have qualified for special summer programs through the Duke University Talent Identification Program. To qualify, students must first earn scores on their school’s standardized tests that place them in the 95th percentile nationally. Twenty-three Seventh Graders achieved that level or higher. Students with such scores then have the option of taking the SAT or ACT in grades 7 - 9.
Of the sixteen 7th Graders who qualified and chose to take the SAT or ACT, one has achieved the Grand Recognition Level. Three have achieved the State Recognition Level. Four have qualified for the Center for Summer Studies. One has qualified for the Academy of Summer Studies.
Grand Recognition - Zane Ice
State Recognition – Zane Ice, Patton Janssen, and Nicholas Lorentzen.
Center for Summer Studies - Zane Ice, Patton Janssen, Nicholas Lorentzen, and Katherine Panagoulias.
Academy for Summer Studies - Grayson Costa

Banquet of the Gods Banquet of the Gods
PBDA 5th Graders enjoyed the 26th Annual Greek Mythology Banquet of the Gods in early March. The Banquet is the culminating event for their trimester long study of Greek myths.
The students each portrayed a god, goddess, hero or heroine and performed for their parents and friends in the Smith Family Theater in the Matthews Center for Performing Arts on Wednesday, March 12. The lively banquet included a few arguments between the characters as they attempted to settle scores that have been festering for centuries.

Third Graders Taking Action
Haiti What does it mean to be globally competent? PBDA’s Third Grade students answer this question with their hearts and through their actions through a unique partnership with Food for the Poor. One of the goals of this year-long partnership is to promote the four Global Competencies. The four Global Competencies are investigating the world, understanding perspectives, communicating ideas, and taking action to improve conditions.
In 2013-14, the first year of the partnership, current Fourth Grader Rafe Cochran was moved to take action and, using his talents as a golfer, raised money to build two homes in a village in Ganthier, Haiti. That same year, Tatiana Georgas, also now in Fourth Grade, initiated a grade-level project to raise money to purchase shoes for children affected by the typhoon in the Philippines. The Third Grade’s Philippines Craft Fair that took place during last year’s Lower Campus Bulldog Bash raised enough money to purchase over 3,000 pairs of shoes through the non-profit organization, Samaritan’s Feet.
This year, Third Grade students were again inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. Delane Bailey-Herd, a PBDA First Grade parent and project manager for Food for the Poor, invited Third Grade teacher Sarah Evans to represent PBDA at the inauguration of Bethel Village, the village that is home to the two houses Rafe built. Mrs. Evans was also invited to visit an orphanage with 75 children. The Third Grade teachers knew this was another opportunity to engage the students in a project that would allow them to take actions to improve conditions.
Third Grade students were invited to consider the perspectives of others and send a small gift from their heart that would be given to one of the children in the orphanage. Although the students stuck to the rule that the items had to be small, the thoughtful hearts of our empathetic Third Graders filled not one, but FOUR suitcases! The children also each wrote a meaningful essay about what they chose to send and why. These essays were bound in a book and given to the children at the orphanage in Haiti and a copy was presented to the president of Food for the Poor. Along with the children’s contributions, Third Grade parent Dr. Richard Bauer donated children’s toothbrushes and toothpaste.
In just two years, the Third Grade partnership with Food for the Poor has taught our students that making a difference in the lives of others has no barriers and that, despite their age, they can and will make a difference.

pic1 2015 — 2nd Trimester Honors
PBDA's Honor Roll lists the Upper Campus Students who have achieved High Honors, Honors and Effort Club. To earn High Honors, a student in 6th through 9th Grade must have an overall average of 90 or better, with no grade below 80. To earn Honors, a student in 6th through 9th Grade must have an average of 85 to 89.99, with no grade below 75. Fifth Graders earn 5th Grade Honors by achieving an average of 85 or better, with no grade below 75. Effort Club is awarded to students in grades 4 - 9 who have received ratings of mostly "Ones" with no more than three "Twos" in effort from their teachers.
Click to view the honors list

Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Month for March
Taylor Frederick was selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of the Month Award for March.
The Student of the Month is chosen by the faculty from the 8th & 9th Graders. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Congratulations, Taylor.

Shrek "Shrek"
PBDA's Spring Musical, SHREK will be performed Friday, April 24 and Saturday, April 25 at 7:00 pm in the Smith Family Theater in The Matthews Center for Performing Arts. There is a matinee performance on Sunday, April 26, at 2:00 pm. Tickets are on sale for $10/Adult and $5/Student. They are going fast. Everyone must have a ticket to enter and ALL tickets are sold on-line at Sales Close April 24 - 1p.m.



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