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Walter H. Butler Field Day 2015
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The Flamingos won the 84th Annual Walter H. Butler Field Day with a score of 281-223. The Flamingo Captains were Talia Chachkes & Ryan Goldfarb, and Marcus Heiman & Avery Steinbeck. The Pelican Captains were Addison Gruber & Jack Litten, and Ricardo Maduro-Vollmer & Maya Patel.
Click for The Individual Field Day Results and Maddock Award Winners.

Knowledge Bowl Knowledge Bowl 2015

The 26th Annual Knowledge Bowl, held on April 20th, ended in a Flamingo victory with a final score of 940 - 730. The Pelican 5th & 6th Grade team of Alex Kino, Caroline McCann, and Martina Gil (alternate - Lilli Wytrzes did their share to help their team and left a substantial lead at the end of their round. The 7th-9th Grade Flamingo team of Daniela Garcia, Ryan Goldfarb and Harrison Koeppel (alternate Abigail Wandoff), however, began their round determined to turn the deficit into a win, and ended by doing just that. The Flamingo 5th & 6th Grade Team was Isabel Carden, Isabella Pargiolas, and Drake Rydberg (alternate Sydney Kosoy). The Pelican 7th - 9th Grade team was Lyon Foster, Kristen Frederick, and Jack Litten (alternate Taylor Frederick).
A performance by PBDA's Enrichment Cheer Team and a faculty lip sync competition delighted the audience during intermission.

Telescope Photos Skynet and Skynet Junior Scholars
Several years ago, the University of North Carolina built several robotic telescopes in Chile whose primary purpose is to observe the light emitted by gigantic explosions in the universe. These explosions are called Gamma Ray Bursts, and they are typically seen first by space telescopes that can detect gamma rays. Since these GRB’s don't happen all the time, there is considerable telescope time left over, and, since UNC created internet-based controls for the telescopes, it was an easy step to start using them in undergraduate astronomy classes and with high school teachers and students. The students liked it - a lot!
Since the telescopes in Chile are robotic, it was also not too big a step for UNC to allow other telescopes to join the network. That's how Skynet has grown to include the Yerkes 41 inch telescope and the Green Bank 20 meter radio telescope, among others. People who belong to Skynet can request data, not just images, from any of the telescopes on the network that have donated the use of their telescopes.
On the education front, Vivian Hoette and Sue Ann Heatherly had wanted to do an educational project together for a long time. Vivian and Sue Ann have made observational astronomy happen for thousands of youth, pioneering the use of remote telescopes with kids through programs like “Hands On Universe” and many others. Through these experiences, they both realized that astronomy is a “gateway” science and that the online tools available to kids, from requesting data from telescopes to displaying and analyzing data to sharing results, could be improved. So, they teamed up with the Skynet folks at UNC and the Education experts at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific to create “Skynet Junior Scholars.” After a proposal was submitted to the National Science Foundation three different times, SJS was finally funded.
A group of 35 informal educators and teachers, including our own Mr. Sarko, from around the country completed a six week online workshop preparing us to use the SJS resources with our students. The specific groups vary widely, from 4H clubs to summer camps and classes to after school enrichment programs, like ours at PBDA. Some of the images PBDA students and Mr. Sarko have collected and processed thus far are shared here.

Boys Basketball Winter II Sports
The Boys' Varsity Basketball Team had an up and down season, with some great wins, and a couple close losses. The boys showed great improvement in their short 5-week season.
The season began in early January with the selection of the team and naming of the team captains. Co-Captains this year would be Ryan Goldfarb and Nate Gramentine. With only one practice under their belt, the team battled back and forth with Rosarian in a very exciting game. The score was tied going into the forth quarter. A couple of exciting 3-pointers by the bulldogs kept the score close, but they eventually fell to the Raiders 23-20. The loss was tough, but coaches Billy Coyle and Paul Cicio felt it was a good game to start building the season.
The boys bounced back and won back to back games against Jupiter Christian and Gulf Stream School. After falling in to a big whole against King's Academy, the Bulldogs made a great comeback, coming up just short in the loss. After a difficult loss to Somerset Academy, the Bulldogs had their biggest win of the season, beating St. Mark's on the road by 15 points.
In another thrilling and hard-fought close game, the boys came up just sort in a loss to Meyer Academy. Finishing the season with a loss against top ranked Benjamin put the team in a difficult seeding spot for the playoffs. Although the team fought hard, they eventually lost their playoff game against Somerset, and the official season was over.
In what has become a new tradition, the final game for the boys would be a "Legends” game in which the varsity team played against their Dads/Older Siblings/Special Friends/ and Coaches. The unofficial final contest was fun filled and provided a great end to the season.
For the season, the leading scorers were Ryan Goldfarb with 67 points, Nate Gramentine with 60, and Liam Storkerson with 55. This trio combined for 70% of the team’s offensive scoring this year. Also contributing with double-digit scoring this year were Jack Litten, James McKenna, Quinn Steinbeck and Carter Nicoletti. Making great contributions throughout this season either in scoring, rebounding or with great defensive plays were Issac Wiggins, Lance Prosser, Sebastian Rupp, Dylan Green and Robbie Jackson. And although injured for the entire season, Henry Horgan provided great moral support for the team and even scored his first points in the “Legends” game.
Girls Soccer The Lady Bulldogs, seeded 4th for the soccer playoffs, played 5th seed Sommerset in the first round. Tying them in the regular season, we knew this would be a good game. Sam Webster led the way scoring 2 goals in the first 10 minutes in the game. Shortly after the water break, Sommerset added a goal. Going into the second half we controlled much of the play adding 2 more goals to shut down Sommerset. Sam Webster ended the game with 3 goals and Annabel Dewing had one. Our goalie, Natalie Zoller had 6 saves. Natasha Lomintz, Hailey Smallwood and Stephanie Reyes helped greatly with our offensive attack. Good defensive play came from Kristen Fredrick, Katherine Justice, Allegra Treves, and Talia Chackes.
For the semi-finals we traveled to play number 2 seed St. Mark's. They took a lead with a scramble inside the box off a deflection. Still down by one goal going into the second half, Annabel Dewing got a breakaway to the corner of the field and crossed the ball to Sam, who tied the game. We had many scoring opportunities after that and dominated much of the play, but we couldn’t finish. St Mark's scored again with 2 minutes left capping off the win. Solid play came from Liz Williams, Diana Crompton, Hailey Pflaumer, and Elena Scheffler.

PBDA Welcomes Sarishta Katrak and Bettina Knoblauch
Katrak Sarishta Katrak - Sarishta is currently serving as the Upper Campus counselor while Deena Sobel is on maternity leave. Sarista has quickly become a well-known and positive addition. Her dedication to teaching and assiting children to grow socially and emotionally is obvious to all. Sarishta has a Masters degree in Applied Psychology specializing in Mental Health Counseling from Lynn University, and a Bechelor's in Business Administration from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Canada. She is currently an adjunct professor at Lynn Universtiy where she teaches psychology courses in the College of Arts and Sciences. Sarishta interned at the Faulk Center for Counseling where she conducted weekly family and group therapy sessions with children and young adults. She also ran preventive counseling groups in elementary, middle, and high schools in Palm Beach County.
Knoblauch Bettina Knoblauch - Bettina joined our school in January as Administrative Assistant to the Head of Lower School. She grew up living overseas in Grand Cayman, Curacao, and Venezuela before moving to Miami where she received her Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University. She has a wide range of experience at independent schools in Florida and the D.C. Metro area. Bettina has served many roles ranging from teaching to administration. Her two sons, Owen and Cole, are thrilled to be a part of school as well!

Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Month - January and February
Addison Gruber was selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of the Month Award for January. Daniela Garcia received the award for February.
The Student of the Month is chosen by the faculty from the 8th & 9th Graders. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Congratulations, Addison & Daniela.

Book Cover "Engaging Young Children in Museums"
Palm Beach Day Academy is honored to be included in a recently released book entitled Engaging Young Children in Museums (available on Written by Dr. Sharon Shaffer, former Executive Director of the Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center, this book examines the history of museum programs for young children, explores programs and practices that engage young children in constructing meaning, and looks to the future for ways to develop community partnerships that extend learning beyond the walls of the classrooms.
Palm Beach Day Academy was selected for inclusion in this book along with museums from around the world as a result of our innovative Museum Partnership Program. Now in its fourth year, this program links each grade level from Primary through Grade 3 with a local museum. The program has provided a wonderful way to enrich and deepen the curriculum.


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