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A Rockin' Rollin' Holiday
Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert Concert

PBDA students from the Lower Campus enjoyed a festive holiday season by sharing the gift of music in our community. The Lower School chorus performed at several venues from Worth Avenue to the Festival of the Trees to the Noreen McKeen Residence. A highlight of the season was the December 11 “Rockin’ Rollin’ Holiday” concert performed by students from Kindergarten through 3rd Grade. They delighted the audience with lively holiday tunes and dances from the 1950’s to create a fun and festive night that showcased the talents of our Lower School students from Kindergarten to Third Grade. In the weeks before the concert, the students prepared thirteen songs that included solo performances by Alexis K., Audrey K., Samantha B., Gavin H., Bella P., Scout B., Evan Levi B. Robyn Huff directed the concert. Les Heilakka was technical director. Parents Christine Beall, Valerie Frost, Amy Middleton, Anna Miller, Brenna Barron, Jessica Koch, Joan Klann and Andreas Kosoy helped with set construction and decoration. Santa and Mrs. Claus were played by Morio Mendoza and Jordan Perry. Student roles were played by Mary A., Brooks B., Topher C., Lindsey F., John G., Lindsey F., Claire K., Harlow K., Allie K., Finn L., Nellie M., Rodrigo M., Chloe M., Lauren M., Rangeley N., Christopher O., Rachell P., Ava S., Savannah S., Jackie T., Grace Z.
Pre-Primary and Primary children entertained family and friends by singing a selection of holiday favorites on December 16. This annual event is always a crowd-pleaser!

Pageant 14 2014 Pageant

PBDA's Christmas Pageant was performed on December 18 in the Halmos Family Activities Center. Student volunteers from Kindergarten to 9th Grade participated in this long-standing PBDA tradition. The Pageant was directed by Jan Cook with the assistance of Charlotte Dowell and Stage Manager Talia Chachkes. Technical Director: Les Heilakka, Accompanist: Mark Marineau and Richard Wagener, Costumes: Martha Dyal, Costumes and Props: Wendie Crawford & Annette Johnson. Mrs. Sellers 8th Grade Handbell Choir contributed musical performances. This year, the part of Baby Jesus was played by TK Cook, son of faculty member Jan Cook.
Solos were performed by Lily A., Whitney B., Bridget B., Hadley F., Marissa G., Taylor H., Grant K., Jensyn K., Finley M., Madison O., Liana S., Emily E., Brooks B., Halle C., Daniela G., Marina S., Ariana B., Isabella P., Maya P., Tatiana G., Caroline G., Annabelle S., Kasen J., Johan K., and Sebastian R.

Island School Ninth Grade Spends a Week at The Island School
PBDA's Ninth Grade, along with faculty members Hilary Mendoza and Bryce Stewart, spent a week at The Island School in Cape Eleuthera in the Bahamas. Their adventures were chronicled in The Island School's blog.
December 15, 2014
Seven students from Palm Beach Day Academy, in Palm Beach, Florida, kicked off a busy December at the Cape Eleuthera Institute with a five day program focused on marine ecology and sustainability. As most visitors staying on campus do, not only were students taking navy showers to reduce their water use and save some precious rainwater, but they also had a chance to visit some of the vital ecosystems this island is known for. We had a few certified SCUBA divers in this group and were able to head out to a reef just off of the Exuma Sound. Somethin’ 2 See, as the reef is known, is shallow enough for a great snorkel but deep enough for a colorful and exciting SCUBA dive.
Another highlight was snorkeling in 80 feet of water at the aquaculture cage to kill some time before hauling a deep-water longline with Brendan Talwar, M.S. candidate at Florida State University. Brendan is researching the survivorship of deepwater sharks, specifically Cuban dogfish, after they are caught on a longline set 500-700 m deep. Students were able to support Brendan’s work by helping the shark research team work up the four Cuban dogfish caught that day, while others snorkeled off the boat in deep blue water as the sharks are pulled onto the boat for analysis. The sharks are then released in a cage and monitored by GoPro for the next 24 hours before they are released.
Each morning at 6:30 students met for morning exercise to start off their day. One of the most popular workouts is the run-swim. Students run a short distance and swim a short distance then jump off a high ledge and run-swim back to campus. Waking up is always the hardest part but so worth it for an energetic morning workout to get your day started. Students got a sense of some of the research conducted at the Cape Eleuthera Institute while also learning about mangroves, coral reefs, and what it means to live sustainably. We hope to see some of these bright faces back for shark week this summer or even Island School students in the future.
Thanks for coming down Palm Beach Day!


Girls Basketball Winter I Sports
The 2014 Girls Varsity basketball season began in late October with the announcement of the following 12 players making the team: Co-Captain Talia Chachkes, and Co-Captain Natalie Zoller, with team members Hailey Smallwood, Elena Scheffler, Abigail Wandoff, Hailey Pflaumer, Daniela Garcia, Camilia McCranels, Sydney Torres, Katherine Justice, Erika Luter and Lily Kino.
With only four players from last year's league runner-up team returning, it wasn’t clear how the 2014 season would turn. After a split in two early non-league games, the Lady Bulldogs started their league play against rival Rosarian Academy. Rosarian had beaten the bulldogs in the previous six games, including the last two league championship games. This game was sure to be another intense battle, and an exciting start to the season. Rosarian opened the game by taking an early 4-0 lead, but the Bulldogs bounced back and led 7-6 after the first quarter. The Lady Bulldogs would lead the game most of the way, until Rosarian came back in the 4th quarter and recaptured the lead at 20-19 with only a couple of minutes left in the game. Both teams went back and forth trading baskets, but, in the end, it was our Bulldogs who pulled off a 24-22 win, ending the six game losing streak. Natalie Zoller lead all scorers in the game with 11 points. It would be the first of nine times that Zoller would lead the team in scoring. The win gave the team a boost of confidence and would propel them as they continued their regular season play. The team would go 7-0 in the league, including this win over Rosarian, as well as wins against Jupiter Christian, Benjamin, St. Mark's, Meyer Academy, King's Academy and Somerset. The team became the first PBDA girls basketball team to go undefeated in regular season conference play.
With the undefeated regular season record, the Bulldogs were the #1 seed in the playoffs. After a decisive win in the quarter-finals against Jupiter Christian, the team would face the Benjamin School in the semi-finals. A win in the semis would set the stage for a rematch with Rosarian Academy in the finals. In the semi-finals against Benjamin, the Bulldogs lead most of the game, but could not pull away from the Bucs. Clinging to a three point lead heading into the 4th quarter, the unthinkable happened. The Bulldogs went completely cold, and could not find the bottom of the net for a basket. With each missed shot, the Benjamin team could sense the upset was possible, and fought their way to take the lead. With the Bulldogs down by 6 points and only two minutes to go in the season, Hailey Smallwood was able to cut the deficit to 1 point by hitting a 3-point shot, and shortly there after hitting two free throws. But, one point is as close as the Bulldogs would come, and the magical season came to a crashing halt with a four point loss in the semi-finals, ending the season with a 9-2 record.
Despite not making it to the championship game, a game which the girls have played for the last five years in a row, the season will go down as one of the best ever. For the first time in three years, every player on the team scored at least 4 points. Amazingly, Natalie Zoller became the first Lady Bulldog to score over 100 points in a season as she scored 118 points, while playing in just ten games this year. Over her two-year varsity career at PBDA, she scored a total of 207 points.
Coach Billy Coyle adds, “Natalie’s performance this year was amazing, but truly every Lady Bulldog made great contributions to this historic season. Coach Carrie Pateman and I stressed every day to the team that our two goals are always - #1 to be a better basketball player at the end of the day then you were at the beginning of the day, and #2 Have Fun! I truly believe we have been able to do both – I am proud to have been their coach.”
Boys Soccer This year’s Bulldog Varsity Boy’s Soccer team had their ups and their downs, but as the season progressed, the boys' skill level improved along with their fitness. Learning together to play as a team and trust one another took time, but, through hard work, the team accomplished this goal.
What the boys lacked in soccer experience they overcame with determination and hard work. In every game, the team came within striking distance of a win. The boys never gave up and always played to the last whistle.
Leading the team this year were two upperclassman, Nate Gramentine and Jack Litten. The Bulldogs relied on these two players on both sides of the field. Gramentine anchored the defense, as the last line of defense. In twelve games Nate made 103 saves while in the net for the Bulldogs. He averaged 8.5 saves a game. Litten, on the other hand, helped lead the offense and took many free kicks for the Bulldogs. He led the team with six goals for the year.
Defensively, Gramentine could not do it alone and there were many contributors who helped make key plays. Some of these individuals were Patton Janssen, Jonah Kotzen, Ben Smith, and Henry Horgan. Others, such as Lyon Foster, Dylan Green, Kasen Jones, Johan Kramm, Lance Prosser and Liam Storkerson helped control the middle of the field for the Bulldogs.
There were also a few other players who found the back of the net for the Bulldogs. Carter Nicoletti finished the season with five goals. Three players, Noah Dabill, Adin McAuliffe and Quinn Steinbeck scored twice this season. Gustavo Maduro-Vollmer scored once for the Bulldogs.
Overall, it was a great season. The Bulldgos fought hard and gave it everything they had. Upsetting the #3 seed in the first round of the playoffs was a team effort. The future is bright for the Varsity Boy’s Soccer team.
Field Hockey The Field Hockey program provides an opportunity for the girls to play a sport they have never tried before. Because there are no other competitive field hockey teams in South Florida at the middle school level, the girls compete against their moms, faculty, and alumni. Often, following their time at PBDA, some girls will move onto boarding schools where they do join their school’s field hockey team. Once again, the girls Field Hockey team enjoyed another successful season. Success is not always measured by the number of wins, but by the growth and improvement the girls demonstrate throughout the season. In the end, the team tied three games and lost two against parents and faculty. Lead scorers were Annabel Dewing and Sam Webster. Our attack was led by Erin Tague, Liz Williams, Annabel Dewing, Sam Webster, and Diana Crompton. Kristen Frederick, Sarah Shapiro, Jade Cassiday, and Marissa Daly controlled the majority of the play in the midfield. Working hard on defense was Sayge Chiquito, Stephanie Reyes, Bryanna Valle, and Mia Butterworth. Our goalie was Perry Middleton. The highlight of the season was the annual alumni game just before Thanksgiving Break, which ended in a 4-4 tie. The alumni game is a great event because the current students can reconnect with recent alumni while participating in fun, healthy competition.

Jeopardy 7th Grader, Zane Ice, Wins "Kids Jeopardy!"
On Thursday, December 4, the PBDA Family listened to each answer that Alex Trebek read, and tried to guess the question along with 7th Grader, Zane Ice, who was a contestant on "Kids Jeopardy!" Zane knew enough of the questions to stay ahead of two other kid contestants for most of the half-hour program. His big moment came, however, when, knowing one of the other contestants could overtake him if she wagered enough, he gambled nearly half of his winnings on "Final Jeopardy." Zane's correct response - "What is Play-doh?" - gave him final winnings of over $29,000 and made him the Thursday winner.
Zane's big moment was the result of thousands of hours of preparation, beginning with a life-long family tradition of watching Jeopardy and playing along. Once Zane and his family decided to take a shot at "Kids Jeopardy," Zane had to first qualify and then spend months preparing. Then, after taping his winning moment in Los Angeles, Zane had to keep a big secret for over a month. All contestants must agree not to reveal the results to anyone prior to broadcast. As much as we all wanted learn the outcome in advance, Zane's performance was well worth the wait.
Congratulations, Zane!

Speaker Speaker Series
Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair
December 10, 2014

PBDA's Speaker Series featured Dr. Catherine Steiner-Adair on December 10, at 6:30 pm in the Smith Family Theater, Matthews Center for Performing Arts. Dr. Steiner-Adair, author of The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age, spoke about the impact of technology on education, childhood and family life. Many parents in attendance were be able to relate to her description of modern families where electronic devices are transforming the way families interact. Dr. Adair's presentation pointed out that although many parents worry that their children's fascination with and use of electronics is harmful, they might be overlooking how much their own use of technology is negatively affecting family life.
PBDA believes that technology's effect on children is a significant issue that deserves our community's attention. Parents are encouraged to consider reading her book, The Big Disconnect.

pic1 2014 — 1st Trimester Honors
PBDA's Honor Roll lists the Upper Campus Students who have achieved High Honors, Honors and Effort Club. To earn High Honors, a student in 6th through 9th Grade must have an overall average of 90 or better, with no grade below 80. To earn Honors, a student in 6th through 9th Grade must have an average of 85 to 89.99, with no grade below 75. Fifth Graders earn 5th Grade Honors by achieving an average of 85 or better, with no grade below 75. Effort Club is awarded to students in grades 4 - 9 who have received ratings of mostly "Ones" with no more than three "Twos" in effort from their teachers.
Click to view the honors list

2014 — National Junior Honor Society
Eighth and Ninth graders may qualify for membership in the National Junior Honor Society. The NJHS is a service organization that recognizes outstanding middle school students who have demonstrated excellence in Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. To become a member and maintain their NJHS standing, students must earn and maintain: a 90 average, all ones and twos in Effort, and 10 hours of Community Service during each trimester. In recognition of this honor, a luncheon is scheduled for qualifying students during the second trimester at which time they will receive their certificates and pins. Seventh Graders may also qualify for NJHS based on meeting the criteria during the third trimester.
Click to view the National Junior Honor Society list.

Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Month - December
Ryan Goldfarb has been selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of the Month Award for December. The Student of the Month is chosen by the faculty from the 8th & 9th Graders. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Ryan will be honored at a Kiwanis luncheon later this month.
Congratulations, Ryan.


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