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1st Annual Hatching Ceremony
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Friday, October 3rd's Hatching Ceremony was an event that had both flocks strutting with pride. First on the Upper Campus and then immediately following on the Lower Campus, unaffiliated students learned if they and their families would forever be either Pelicans or Flamingos. For each student and all who watched, the mystery was revealed with the opening of golden eggs that contained either a blue or yellow wristband - blue for Pelican or yellow for Flamingo. On the Upper Campus, new students were called to the stage to open their eggs individually and then immediately be welcomed to their growing flocks. On the Lower Campus, all students opened their eggs in one grand moment. On both campuses student reactions ranged from joy to confusion, depending on how well each child understood the reason for all the excitement. The ceremony was a great way to kick off this rivalry cherished by so many.

International Day of Peace

Day of Peace September 26th’s Friday’s Flag Assembly (actually held on September 29) honored the International Day of Peace which is celebrated each year worldwide on September 21.
During the Flag Assembly, the countries being studied for this year’s International Day Celebration were announced by “ambassadors” from each grade level or class. This year’s countries are the United States (Pre-Primary), Mexico (Primary), Brazil and Jamaica (Kindergarten), France, Denmark and Scotland (Grade 1), China and Singapore (Grade 2), and New Zealand and Egypt (Grade 3).
This multi-disciplinary curricular study begins in September and continues throughout the year. As they research and learn about the respective countries, students have opportunities to demonstrate and share what they are learning through projects, performances, and exhibits. These include the creation of Classroom Villages and International Day performances in February, and the Lower Campus Wee Deliver Post Office in April and May where students practice friendly letter writing skills and correspond with one another using commemorative stamps representing all of the countries being studied.

Speaker Series PSC Speaker Series features Margaret Thornton
About 200 PBDA parents, faculty and friends joined parent, author and editor, Margaret Thornton, for a discussion of the writing process. Margaret, author of Charleston: A Novel and editor of Notebooks by Tennessee Williams, along with her husband, John Thornton, hosted the PBDA community in their home. Mr. Greco introduced Margaret before she explained what she has learned about the writing process in her role as both an editor of Tennessee Williams' writings and as the author of her own book. Following her remarks, Margaret took questions from the audience.

Teddy Bear Picnic Teddy Bear Picnic
On Wednesday, September 24th, the Kindergarten held their annual Teddy Bear Picnic. The children enjoyed a picnic lunch with their teddy bears along with their families. Students brought their teddies to school on Monday and spent a week learning about bears, and doing lots of bear math activities. This time-honored tradition makes for a wonderful Kindergarten beginning.

pic1 November Admission Events Showcase our School
Did you know that 95% of our new students this year enrolled at Palm Beach Day Academy because of WORD OF MOUTH?
Most often, current parents referred them. Word of mouth is our best recruitment tool and you are our best brand ambassadors. Spread the word!
Student Visit Day November 11 – Grades 1-8 - Invite a Friend to Visit!
Does your child have a friend in grade 1-8 at another school that might be interested in PBDA and would like to shadow your child on November 11th? Palm Beach District Schools are closed and this gives us a natural opportunity to have these students visit and experience a day at PBDA. Registration is required. Parent tours will be available after drop-off on both campuses.
We pride ourselves in personal family tours. If you know of a family that you believe should receive information about PBDA, email or call Meghan Albanese or Dorothea Cvelbar in the Admission office at 832-8815.

7th Grade Monologues
monologe Seventh Graders in Judy Varady's English class write monologues that then are performed by other students in Friday Assemblies at various times during the year. Last Friday, 6th Grader Grant Kino, 7th Graders Katherine Panagolias, Natasha Lomnitz, Lilly Kino, & Sophia Lloyd George, and 8th Graders Perry Middleton, Francesca Alfano, Chris Williams & Hailey Smallwood performed nine of the monologues that were written by last year's students, who are now 8th Graders. All performers and monologues were captivating. The one written by Camilla McCranels, which is representative of the quality of them all, is reprinted below. It, along with the others performed on Friday, set a high standard for the current authors. Here is Camilla's essay.
     I am Callisto, one of Jupiter’s many moons. All day, I circle endlessly around my father planet and gaze wishfully at the empty darkness around me. I dream of being free from Jupiter’s pull and traveling with the twinkling stars in the inky black vastness of space. No matter how hard I try to remain optimistic, I’m steadily growing hopeless and my only remaining solace is watching my brother and sister moons do the same. It is as if we are all chained to Jupiter’s core. We are unable to cut the links or bend the metal that binds us; furthermore, many of us don’t bother to socialize with our brothers and sisters anymore. We are hopeless, but are always together as a family. Right now, I’m not sure if a family is worth anything if no friendly conversations or slight reconciliations are to be had. If I ever did get free of my torture, what would I do? Where would I go? I’ve only heard of far away galaxies and shining constellations in shouted conversations between Jupiter and Mars. They are said to be so far away… Across a field of dark emptiness that would take centuries more to traverse. I guess I can only dream of freedom while Jupiter, watching us with a scornful eye, floats through the solar system at will and converses with the other planets with a booming, yet wispy voice. I notice, in long stretches of silence, that Jupiter gazes at the Sun, dreamlike and passive, as if he feels towards the Sun what I feel towards him. Sometimes I feel, almost pity, towards my planet before I remind myself of my own situation. Jupiter isn’t a slave of gravity; I am. How could he possibly understand what I feel?

Kiwanis Kiwanis Student of the Month - October
Talia Chachkes has been selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of the Month Award for October. The Student of the Month is chosen by the faculty from the 8th & 9th Graders. The decision is based on the faculty's judgement of each student's contributions as a scholar and school citizen.
Congratulations, Talia.


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