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Matthews Invitation Matthews Center for Performing Arts

It's been over 10 years since the Matthews was a full auditorium and over a year since its conversion into the Matthews Center for Performing Arts began. The completely renovated space will be on display to our parents and donors on Tuesday, October 29 at a cocktail reception and performance beginning at 6:30 p.m. Our students have prepared a surprise to kick off the October 29th unveiling and it is something that you won't want to miss.
RSVP to the invitation you received recently and plan to join us as we celebrate this milestone in PBDA's history.
Childcare will be provided for parents in need.

The Island School
pic1 Our Ninth Grade is currently at The Island School at the Cape Eleuthera Institute in the Bahamas. There, they will work as scientists this week and contribute to the institute's efforts to understand, analyze and look for solutions to some of the ecological problems that many are hoping to correct or avoid. The institute promotes a connection between young people and the environment to encourage commitment to effective resource management and sustainable development. Our students will have plenty of opportunities to work as field scientists as they gather data about the plant and animal species on and around the island. PBDA nurse, Carrie Pateman and teacher, Bryce Stewart have accompanied the Ninth Graders for their four day immersion in the biological sciences. Stay tuned for more news from the Bahamas.

pic1 The Teddy Bear Picnic - A Kindergarten Tradition
On Friday September 27th, the Kindergarten held their annual Teddy Bear Picnic. Children enjoyed a picnic lunch with their teddy bears along with their families. Students brought their teddies to school on Monday and spent a week learning about bears, and doing lots of bear math activities. This time honored tradition makes for a wonderful Kindergarten beginning.

All-State Chorus
pic1 Under the direction of Annette Johnson, seven PBDA students have moved on to Level 2 in the Florida Elementary and Middle School All-State Chorus auditions. Twenty-one students participated in the auditions in which they were judged on pitch, rhythm, phrasing, tone quality, vocal technique and key maintenance. A maximum of five students per school are chosen for the Elementary Chorus to move on to level 2. Those students, Sara Abdo, Mayah Bernstein, Alessia De Graeve, Brooke O'Donnell and Mariel Silpe will join approximately 1000 students from around the state who are competing for 200 spots. Results will be available on October 21.
Of the four students who auditioned for the Middle School Chorus, two, Francesca Alfano and Daniela Garcia, will move on to the Round 2 auditions that will take place on October 22. Congratulations and good luck to these seven students.

First Graders Experience Living & Historical Collections at the Morikami Museum
pic1 Museum specialist Beth Kawazura-sensei and docents led the children on a Tour of Wonder through the collection of gardens comprising Roji-en, or the Gardens of the Drops of Dew. Our students walked under a tree tunnel, over various bridges, and through an ancient gate constructed of Japanese Cypress. Our first museum trip of the year highlighted various living collections such as the bonsai and koi collections. We even spotted a baby alligator!
Our students learned more about the Yamato Farming Community while studying a collection of historical photographs located in the Japan Through the Eyes of a Child exhibit. They created their own origami museum to help review what they observed and anything that made them say “Wow!” As part of the rotation of activities, Sachico Cox-sensei engaged the children in planting tomatoes and carrots, which we hope to harvest later in the year. We gathered data through all our senses and responded with Wonder and Awe!

7th Grade Monologues
pic1 Seventh Graders in Judy Varady's English class write monologues that then are performed by other students in Friday Assemblies at various times during the year. Last Friday, 7th Graders Chris Williams, Daniella Garcia, Perry Middleton, Francesca Alfano, and Johan Kramm, and 8th Graders Claire Barber & Alexis Gorfine performed seven of the monologues that were written by last year's students, who are now 8th Graders. All performers and monologues were captivating. The one written by Robbie Linck was especially powerful and was last year's first place monologue. It, along with the others performed on Friday, set a high standard for the current authors. Here is Robbie's essay.
     I want a lot of things, like I think we all do. But the more I think about what I want, the more I realize I want these things not because I need them or even because they are important or necessary to have, but because other people around me have them. Today I was forced to confront the fact that most of the people around me believe that possessing material things is a priority. Today my entire world changed. Today I was given the gift of being forced to think deeply about what really holds value in my life and in the lives of all of those I love, admire and aspire to.
     While my mom, my brother, and I were driving down the boulevard we passed an elderly man pushing a grocery cart with what appeared to be all of his personal belongings in it and on it. There were plastic bags and boxes tightly and meticulously wrapped to protect his hidden treasures. There were folded papers and even a very old and well worn sneaker. The man stopped to cross the street at an intersection as we passed by. My brother turned his head to stare and began to cry. I watched the tears swell up in the eyes of my mother and brother. “You have to turn the car around so that I can give the man my birthday money!” my brother said. “I have the money here, in my pocket.” I immediately spoke up. I tried to stop my brother from convincing my mother to pull the car over. I told him that the man would be asking for money if he needed it and that he might feel bad or embarrassed if someone gave him money, but my brother didn’t listen. He couldn’t listen. He knew in his heart that what he was feeling was the right thing. He did not want to hear logic and reasoning. He knew he had a responsibility. What was wrong with me? Why did I not feel this way? Why did I not feel the sense of urgency and responsibility that my brother showed? Why did I want my mother to drive away? Was I afraid of something? Was there something inside of me that I was unable to confront?
     My mother pulled over and my brother hopped out of the car with all of his money crumbled up in his two sweaty fists. He had a mission and no one could stop him. My brother put the money in the man’s hand. The man looked down at it and then into my brothers eyes. I witnessed the look. I witnessed the humanity that connects us all. I witnessed the humanity that provides purpose to all we do. Today my little brother opened my eyes forever.

pic1 Pelican or Flamingo Wallpaper
Pelican or Flamingo Wallpaper is available for your iPhone. Click either link below to download the logo to your iPhone. Tap the image to save it and be ready for the next time you want to show your team pride.
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