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Last June when PBDA said good-bye to another school year, the Lower Campus kept its doors wide open to welcome the start of the new Summer Enrichment Program. This two week program was for entering Kindergarten children through entering fourth graders. Our staff consisted of some of PBDA’s wonderful Upper and Lower Campus teachers who developed engaging and enriching programs that included sports, music, art, science, chinese and literature.
   The summer program was also a great starting point for new incoming PBDA students, giving them the opportunity to become familiar with our campus and teachers, and allowing them to meet new friends.
   PBDA will continue and expand the Summer Enrichment Program in June 2014! Look for more information this January.

Welcome, New Students and Families!
pic1 Palm Beach Day Academy extends a warm welcome to our new students and families. PBDA prides itself on its reputation as a "family school." To us, that means that each member of our school community is valued and needed. The faculty and parents share common goals and values as they work as partners in teaching and raising our students. As the new families join that partnership, they are asked to contribute to building and strengthening the family.
pic2 Palm Beach Day Academy has become what it is through the dedication and efforts of many. The school's current family has the opportunity and responsibility to build on those efforts. Every member helps to shape our school around the common goal of providing an excellent education for the children of our community. Every member is needed because our common goal requires the efforts and talents of many. Every child is invited to participate fully so that our classrooms are vibrant and productive. Every adult is asked to volunteer – time, ideas, talent, and more. There is no waiting to be accepted – new or not, you’re needed.
pic3 This year, Palm Beach Day Academy welcomes 65 new students – 45 Lower Campus, 20 Upper Campus. Several families have moved to the area and joined our school from states including New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Texas, Maryland and Missouri and countries including Spain, China, Chile, France and the Czech Republic.
Welcome one and all. The success of this year depends on everyone, so step up, speak up and get involved. We're all counting on each other.

PBDA Welcomes Three New Faculty Members!
Bryce Stewart Bryce Stewart will be teaching history in our Upper School. He is a graduate of DePauw University with a degree in American History and Education. Bryce taught U.S. History and English for 15 years before leaving the classroom to participate in the opening of a new middle school in Carmel, Indiana in 2004. He served for 9 years as an administrator with responsibilities from curriculum supervisor to athletic director. In 2010, Bryce was awarded the Athletic Director of the Year for the state of Indiana.
    Bryce has been a track and cross country coach for boys and girls for nearly 20 years. His hobbies include running and traveling.
Jennifer Xie Jennifer Xie, daughter of our Upper Campus Mandarin teacher, Louisa Perolio, will be teaching Mandarin on the Lower Campus to 2nd and 3rd Graders. She earned a B.B.A. in Marketing from James Madison University and is in the process of completing her M. Ed. in Educational Psychology from Florida Atlantic University. Jennifer has used her marketing education as a Business Coordinator for the Downtown Development Authority in West Palm Beach where she developed educational partnership programs. Her Mandarin language skills have placed her in high demand as a private tutor for families desiring to understand the Mandarin language and culture.
Beth Okun Beth Okun, parent of Kelly ’08 and Kevin ’12, will be teaching 4th & 5th Grade Science. She will also coordinate the Enrichment Program for the Upper Campus students and is preparing to direct a new summer program on the Upper Campus. Beth has a degree in Computer Science from Waterbury State Technical College. She taught computers, art and drama at PBDA and served as an Associate Admission Director between 2002 and 2008.

pic1 PBDA Teachers Touch History at the Library of Congress
In early August, Wendy Bieneman and Rochelle Ibañez Wolberg took part in the Teaching with Primary Sources Summer Teacher Institute. Each year, the Library of Congress, the nation’s oldest federal cultural institution, provides the opportunity for a carefully chosen group of K-12 educators to attend one of its five teacher institutes in Washington, D.C.
Activities were anchored in investigating scenes from history through primary sources, such as historical maps, photographs, and audio recordings. Working closely with Library education specialists, Wendy and Rochelle developed lesson plans to implement in their classrooms as part of the program requirements. Their lesson plans were entitled Botanical Gardens: Getting to the Root of Plant Museums and To See or Not to See: Helen Keller, A Profile in Courage. Both teachers endeavored to utilize primary sources as another tool for helping their students build critical-thinking skills and construct new knowledge. They also conducted a summer faculty workshop to share these strategies with colleagues.
Highlights included private tours of the Jefferson Building and the Main Reading Room, examining an original map drawn by a 17-year-old George Washington and viewing the first map with America written on it, reading an entry from one of Alexander Graham Bell’s personal journals, meeting expert Librarians representing various divisions who provided sage advice freely with down-to-earth style, and sharing in the learning and camaraderie with a dynamic cohort. It was a powerful experience whose ripple effect within their classrooms knows no limits.

pic1 3rd Trimester and Year-End Honors
PBDA Honors have traditionally been reported in editions of The Bridge. Now that The Bridge is published as a magazine only twice a year, honors will be published through this e-Newsletter. The Summer edition of The Bridge included the 3rd Trimester and Year-End Honors, but unfortunately, they were listed in reverse with the Trimester Honors labeled as Year-End and the Year-End Honors listed as the Trimester. The error was corrected on our website, but was discovered too late to be corrected in the printed version.
Click to view the corrected honors list

pic1 Museum Partnership Display Unveiled
Through the Lower School’s Museum Partnership Program, students have an opportunity to extend educational experiences beyond the walls of the classroom. This program, now in its third year of development, has helped to foster community ties in meaningful ways while focusing on important curricular content.
This summer, the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens generously donated their design expertise, materials, and time toward installing a permanent display on the Lower Campus that highlights this unique program. School Program Specialist Beth Kawazura and Exhibit Preparator Cherith Rose-Glane completed the installation on August 15th. Andrew Rose, manager of Palm Beach FrameMakers, graciously matted large framed artwork that represents each of our museum partners including the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens, the Flagler Museum, Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, and the Norton Museum of Art. Two new partnerships will be launched this year for second and third grade students and will be formally announced at Back to School Night in September.
We want to acknowledge our Museum Partnership Program partners and thank all those in the community who support Palm Beach Day Academy in so many ways.

pic1 Understanding Adolescent Depression
Due to the generosity of Joyce and Dusty Sang, who founded The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation, Palm Beach Day Academy is able to offer a unique program for our Ninth Grade students entitled the Adolescent Depression Awareness Program (ADAP) created by Johns Hopkins faculty. The purpose of this program is to destigmatize depression, teach students how to recognize the signs of depression and bipolar disorder, and to encourage them to seek the proper help. We are very grateful to Joyce and Dusty, whose son Ryan attended Palm Beach Day and lost his life to the side effects of bipolar illness. They have dedicated their lives to saving other children and adolescents.
This January 15th, The Ryan Licht Sang Bipolar Foundation is having an Early-Onset Bipolar Medical Briefing Luncheon featuring a panel of world-renowned experts on this topic. Dr. David Kupfer, who served as the Task Force Chairman of the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), will explain "What Early-Onset Bipolar Is and What It is Not." Dr. Karen Swartz, the founder of ADAP, will speak about adolescents and what bipolar disorder looks like in that age group, and Dr. Janet Wozniak, who wrote the definitive paper explaining that children could have manias and therefore be bipolar, will speak about bipolar disorder in children. All of them will explain what the disorder is and what it is not in the different age groups. Mary Ellen McGrath, a parent of twin girls who are twelve years old will also be on the panel. One of her daughters has bipolar disorder and the other does not. Dr. Ellen Frank, the Moderator, is also world-renowned for her study of bipolar disorder and how circadian rhythms affect a person with this illness.
Anyone interested in attending the Luncheon, should contact Frances Fisher at 373-3462 for more information.

pic1 A Welcome from Parent/School Council President, Sandy Singer
I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new and returning students and families, faculty and trustees. I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful summer! It has been wonderful to see the energy and excitement in the school hallways and classrooms.
I want to take a moment to familiarize everyone with the Parent School Council (PSC). The PSC was created to offer parents an effective way to communicate their ideas, suggestions and concerns to the greater school community. One of its main goals is to enhance communication between the campuses, keeping the Upper and Lower Schools informed of the goings on of each other. The PSC also provides many opportunities for parents to actively participate in the school activities and events.
Throughout the year, the Parent School Council sponsors and assists at events with the students and faculty. The Speakers Forum (drawing well-known speakers on topics relevant to parenting in today’s world), Book Fair, Auction, Thanksgiving Project, Teacher Appreciation Week and Bulldog Outreach are a just a few of events that offer opportunities for parents to get involved as much as they wish. The PSC also assists with New Family Welcome and Mentorship programs.
In the next few weeks, Parent Coffees will be held for each of the grade levels to introduce families to their room/class parents and committee chairpersons. They will be able to explain what may be needed and to help you decide where you would like to offer your time and efforts, if you are interested. Becoming a Room Parent or volunteering on a project committee is an extremely rewarding part of our children’s school experience.
The PSC focus is on communication. The PSC Board consists of parents representing all grade levels, faculty liaisons, administration staff and Board of Trustee members. Each month the PSC Board meets to discuss how our school is doing and where it is headed in the future. I encourage you to talk to or email any PSC Board representative about any concerns that you may have of a non-academic nature.
Any issues having to do with teachers, curriculum, grades, homework, etc. should be brought to the teacher’s attention first. If still unresolved, contact your Campus Head and then the Head of School. Your ideas, suggestions and concerns are a vital part of maintaining the best school environment for our children.
Please feel free to contact me, or any member of the PSC, if you have any questions. Contact information can be found on the PBDA website, in the Directory and on handouts at the start of school.
Sandy Singer
Parent School Council President
(561) 346-4935


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