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Sports Banquets and Awards

pic1 The Mother/Daughter and Father/Son softball games, followed by the Sports Banquets at the Sailfish Club, mark the end of PBDA's athletic program. Student athletes are honored at the banquets for their participation and several are awarded special recognitions. Special guest speaker, Michael Terry, former PBDA Girls' Basketball Coach and current Assitant Women's Basketball Coach at Wake Forest University, spoke at the Girls' Banquet about the value of athletics. The ceremony began with the recognition of Field Day Captains Oceanna Schnirman, Pelican, and Kalysa Remington, Flamingo. Field Day Maddock Award winners Claire Barber and Sophia Terry were recognized. A J.V. Coach's Award was presented to India Patel for her over-all contributions. Chloe Garton was recognized as the Most Improved J.V. player.
Coach's Awards were presented to girls in each of the five sports on their schedule. The Varsity Volleyball Coach's Award went to Kalysa Remington; Basketball to Jordan Schaefer & Kalysa Remington; Field Hockey to Chiara Micchelli; Soccer to Jordan Schaefer; Lacrosse to Madison McAuliffe. Lexi Winchester was awarded the Varsity Improvement plaque. Oceanna Schnirman received the Sportsmanhip Award. Yu Hua Golnick received the overall Varsity Coach's Award. Zara Barrett was the recipient of the girls' highest athletic honor, The Carol Rafter Award for Excellence in Athletics. The girls' banquet concluded with coach Patti Griffin's now annual and wildly popular tradition of a slideshow re-cap of the year.
pic2 At the boys' banquet, the boys' coaches recounted the events of each season, giving recongnition to the contributions of many team members. Field Day Captains Skylar Saffer, Flamingo, and Nick Leone, Pelican, were recognized. Field Day Maddock Award winners Kevin Justice and Jack McKenna were honored. Chris Ochstein and Alexander George each received a J.V. Coach's Award. Jack Silverman was presented with the J.V. Improvement Award. A Varsity Coach's Award was presented to Teddy Kramer. The Harry and Richard Hilton Award for Improvement in Athletics went to Andres Garcia. George Moss received the John L. Thompson Sportsmanship Award. The Jeffrey Dodge Excellence In Athletics Award was presented to Jack McKenna.
The banquets are opportunities for the athletes, their parents and coaches to be reminded of the glories, and disappointments of the teams, and the individual achievements of the past year. The coaches are always full of praise for the effort, determination and sportsmanship of PBDA’s athletes.

Fine Arts Festival Fine Arts Festival 2013
May 20, 2013

The Fine Arts Festival is a long-standing PBDA tradition that showcases the art created by our students. Yesterday's event marked the 38th Anniversary of the Festival. In recent years, the ever growing performing arts program has also been featured. Art teachers Scott Thompson, Tracy Kramm and Sue Chris, percussion teacher Buckley Griffis, technology teacher Claudie Finney, and choral teacher Annette Johnson were proud to have their students' talents on display. In addition to the student artwork displayed in the hallways, performances in the Halmos Activities Center provided parents with a complete view of PBDA's arts program.
One year ago, the Fine Arts Festival provided the final performances to ever be held in the Matthew's Auditorium before the beginning of renovations a few weeks later. Now, the Matthew's Performing Arts Center is well on its way to a total transformation, and, a year from now, the Fine Arts Festival will be back home again.

Family Bar-B-Que
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With beautiful weather and balmy breezes, the Friday, May 17, Lower Campus Family BBQ was a great way to celebrate the end of the school year for the 300 children, families, and faculty who attended. Under the leadership of event co-chairs Tracy and Jay Silpe, the BBQ included carnival rides and a delicious meal that were enjoyed by all. The evening also featured a performance by the Upper Campus Steel Pan Band accompanied by faculty members Buckley Griffis and Chris Carson. The evening ended with the drawing of the winning tickets for the Children's Raffle. Special thanks is extended to Tim and Christie Gannon for providing the catering through their newly opened PDQ Restaurant.

pic1 2nd Trimester Honors
PBDA Honors have traditionally been reported in editions of The Bridge. Now that The Bridge is published as a magazine only twice a year, 2nd Trimester Honors will be reported together with the 3rd Trimester Honors in the summer edition. Here is a preview of the listing that will also appear in the magazine.
Click to view 2nd Trimester Honors.
pic1 Pelican or Flamingo Wallpaper
Pelican or Flamingo Wallpaper is available for your iPhone. Click either link below to download the logo to your iPhone. Tap the image to save it and be ready for the next time you want to show your team pride.
Download the Flamingo logo

Download the Pelican logo
pic1 Third Graders Taken to Court
At the beginning of the school year, each third grade class created a community that replicates a small town. The students have played roles such as mayor, police chief, fire chief, teacher, banker, newspaper editor, and much more in these towns. While engaging in a study of the interdependence of plants and animals in science and the development of communities in social studies, the students created office buildings, homes, and a wildlife refuge with endangered animals. However, the students soon discovered there was not enough room for everything they wanted in their town. This presented the students with a conflict that they decided to resolve in a court of law.
On May 3rd, the Honorable Judge Lisa Small spoke with the third grade students about the roles people play in a trial, the parts of a trial, and laws. The children divided themselves into two groups; the conservationists who do not want their wildlife refuge to be developed upon and the developers who see the value of building in their community. In groups, the students are currently writing a script for the trial. The students will use the script to present their case in front of a jury to decide the fate of their town. On June 3rd, the Honorable Judge Small will preside over three separate trials, one from each third grade class, at the Palm Beach County Court House.

wee deliver Wee Deliver
Eighth Year

Friendly letter writing is not a lost art on the Lower Campus. Students and parents alike participate in the Wee Deliver Postal Program every May as they write letters to one another and to members of the faculty. This popular program is in its eighth year. Third Graders serve as postmasters for the program and deliver the mail each day to classrooms throughout the campus. The stamps are special commemorative ones designed by the students to represent the countries studied this year in the Global Studies Program. Street addresses for each class also reflect a global perspective with names such as “Abuja Avenue” and “Botswana Boulevard.”
pic2 For the Third Grade postal workers, there is nothing more thrilling than opening one of the blue mailboxes that are positioned around campus and finding letters to be delivered. So far, neither rain, sleet nor hail has been much of a problem, but even if they were, those conditions wouldn’t stop our dedicated mail carriers from reaching their appointed rounds and proudly delivering the mail.
pic3 Children in the lower grades can participate by writing letters, but they’ll have to wait until they are 3rd Graders to become qualified mail carriers with the authority to open one of the boxes and handle the precious mail. They might be a little envious in May, but they know their time will come and, one day, it will finally be their turn to process the mail.


BTV (Bulldog T.V.) - OZ
Upper Campus Musical - OZ. Enjoy this BTV student production.

Oz from Palm Beach Day Academy on Vimeo.


pic1 Kindergarten Drawing Contest
Kindergartener Topher Cook's drawing about homelessness was selected as the winner in the SleepOut 2013 K-2 Drawing Contest sponsored by The Lord's Place in West Palm Beach. The purpose of this contest is to educate elementary, middle school and high school students about homelessness in Palm Beach County, as well as to help these students develop a sense of compassion and personal responsibility towards serving others. PBDA's entire Kindergarten participated in the contest. Topher's inspiration for his drawing came from participating in the SleepOut event with his parents, faculty member Jan Cook and Chris Cook, a member of The Lord's Place board of directors.

pic1 Kiwanis Student of the Year
Oceanna Schnirman has been selected by the faculty to receive the Kiwanis Student of the Year Award. The Student of the Year is chosen from the group of students who earned the Student of the Month Awards during the school year.
Congratulations, Oceanna.


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