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Walter H. Butler Field Day, 2013
Flamingos - 291 / Pelicans - 225

The 82nd Walter H. Butler Field Day ended in a Flamingo victory last Saturday, April 27. Both teams, Pelicans and Flamingos, had spent the last few weeks planning their strategies and assigning athletes to their best events. As Saturday's competition began, the Flamingos got off to an early lead, but by the time the two teams entered the Distance and Relay Events the scores were within 26 points of each other. The Flamingos built on that small lead by winning four of the six relay events, and by the time those races were complete the day had been decided. No one besides the scorekeepers knew that, however, but the fact was that, going into the tugs-o-war, the score stood at 261 - 215, with the Flamingos ahead. The four tug matches are worth ten points each. Even if they had won all four, the Pelicans would have still ended the day six points behind the Flamingos. Instead, the Flamingos took three of the four tug matches putting the final score at 291 for the Flamingos and 225 for the Pelicans.
Field Day began with the traditional March, led by Pelican Captains, Skylar Saffer & Oceanna Schnirman, and Flamingo Captains Nick Leone & Kalysa Remington. In keeping with a tradition that began on Field Day's 75th Anniversary, Alumni donned their team colors and led the current students onto the field. Headmaster, Dr. Rebecca van der Bogert, welcomed the parents and thanked the Koeppel family, Bill & Jean and Howard & Mark, for sponsoring Field Day, before faculty member Elizabeth Sheehan offered the invocation. Former Headmaster, Jack Thompson, was invited to congratulate PBDA's Athletic Director, Steve Caruso, on his appointment as the Head of Middle School at Seacrest Country Day School in Naples, and honor him for his years of service to Palm Beach Day Academy. Steve was presented with a glass bowl with the inscription, "Our Colleague, our Friend."
Then the race for the flags opened the competition as Flamingos Kevin Justice and Jordan Schaefer ran the length of the field against Pelicans Sam Torres and Addie Cramer.
Each year, the Field Day competition results in a number of Maddock Award winners. This year five student athletes earned Maddock Awards by winning two individual or relay events. Claire Barber (P) placed first in the 7-9th Grade Girls Running Broad Jump and in the 7-9th Grade Girls 300 yd Run. Annabel Dewing (F) placed first in the 5-6th Grade Girls Running Broad Jump and in the 5-6th Grade Girls 300yd Run. Kevin Justice (F) placed first in the 7-9th Grade Boys Football Throw and in the 7-9th Grade Boys 300yd Run. Jack McKenna (F) placed first in 7-9th Grade Boys Standing Broad Jump and was on the 7-9th Grade Boys 300yd Relay team. Sophia Terry (P) placed first in 7-9th Grade Girls 50yd dash and in the 7-9th Grade Girls Standing Broad Jump
To see a complete listing of individual and relay event results, CLICK HERE.

FieldDay13 Knowledge Bowl - Pelicans win with a score of 850 to 680.
Pelicans and Flamingos squared off in the 24th Annual Knowledge Bowl on Friday before Field Day. The Knowledge Bowl is a Jeopardy style competition that requires the teams to compete by answering questions that have been written by their teachers. The 5th & 6th Grade teams are chosen according to the results of a qualifying test. The 7th - 9th Grade teams are appointed by the Field Day captains. This year's winning Pelican team included a Middle School Team of Taylor Frederick, Camilla McCranels, Liz Williams and alternate River Schnirman. The Upper School team included Ben Kern, Oceanna Schnirman, Atticus Stonestrom, and alternate Kole Rosin. The Flamingo team included Middle School competitors Daniela Garcia, Quinn Griffin, Abigail Wandoff, and alternate Anabel Dewing. The Upper School Flamingos were Madeline Elhilow, Jack Farris, Briggs Lalor, and alternate Teddy Kramer. The competition ended in a Pelican victory with a score of 850 to 680.
Faculty member Jim Gramentine served as MC while Megan Quinty managed the board. Drama teacher Jan Cook and a troupe of 6th Graders provided half-time entertainment in the form of a brief skit.

Carnival and PSC Family Picnic
Top Rotating Photos
The Student Leadership Council and the Parent School Council teamed up to throw a Field Day week party for students and families in Grades 3 - 9. The students were treated to rides, activities and treats that began immediately following the Knowledge Bowl. The PSC sponsored the PS*561 Hot Dog Truck that supplied the hungry students and parents with hot dogs for every taste.
The Lower Campus Carnival and Picnic is scheduled for Friday, May 17.

pic1 Kindergarten 103 Learns about Broadcasting
Through a visit to Palm Beach Broadcasting Network, Kindergarten Room 103 had a unique opportunity to learn how the radio is used for mass communication. During the field trip, the students visited different radio stations and interacted with several radio personalities. They also recorded their voices, explored sound effects, and made a dance video. A special thank you to parent Dean Goodman for this memorable trip. Radio may never be the same!

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