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October 9, 2012
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Swim Team
Teddy Bear Picnic
Secondary School Process
Walter H. Butler Golf Classic

Exploring the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens:
    The Museum Partnerships Grow

pic1 This year, the Primary Program is expanding exploration beyond the walls of the classroom by creating a partnership with the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens that will include visits to the Gardens on several occasions. The first visit to the Sculpture Gardens took place in September. The Primary teachers were curious about what aspects of the gardens would grab the children's interests and thus made the goal of the first visit to observe and explore. Making paper binoculars and supplying each child with a magnifying glass was all it took to capture the imaginations of the Primary children and turn a field trip into a high-adventure exploration. They were fascinated by the enormous sculptures and the teachers are using this interest to focus instruction as the partnership with the Gardens continues. Additionally, these visits will help our students to develop an understanding of what a museum is and how a museum can help us learn about our community and the world around us. This newly created partnership is part of our growing Museum Partnership Program.
pic2 The Museum Partnership between first grade and the Flagler and Morikami Museums was officially launched for 2012-13 on Friday, October 5th, when our museums partners paid a visit to PBDA. After a successful launch in 2011-12, the theme chosen for this year is “Collections, Connections”, and students will focus on the role a museum plays in the community and how artifacts tell a story. Pamela Caruso, Community Development Director at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, will also contribute her expertise to the first grade study this year.
In addition to our Primary partnership with the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, we are also pleased to announce that the Kindergarten will be partnered with the Norton Museum of Art and will have opportunities to explore grade level concepts through the lens of the visual arts. We are truly excited about expanding our Museum Partnerships.

PBDA Students are Regular Volunteers at Quantum House

pic1 Quantum House is a caring and supportive place that provides a home away from home for families whose children are receiving treatment at St. Mary's Hospital for a serious medical conditions that require long term treatments. Palm Beach Day Academy has been involved in the Chef for a Day program at Quantum House for the past two years. Students prepare dinner for the residents of Quantum House and visit with the families living there temporarily. Often the families and children are far from home and our students offer a warm and gracious welcome.
pic2 This year, PBDA is starting a new project at Quantum House. The facility has just received a grant to redecorate their TV/Reading room, and they have asked PBDA students to be on the redecorating committee. Also, one wall of the TV/Reading room will be dedicated to Palm Beach Day Academy. Our students will be sharing academic, arts, or inspirational projects with Quantum House, in order to share knowledge with children staying at the facility. Many of these children are away from their homes and schools for many months at a time, so our students are excited to share what they are learning at PBDA with our friends at Quantum House.

After-School Enrichment — A Learning Smorgasbord

pic1 PBDA's Enrichment Program is packed with a variety of classes that often leave parents and children wondering how to choose just one. From karate, cheerleading, painting, sports, to theater, Chinese, music, and many more, there is something for everybody. These classes offer a safe environment for children to learn skills, discover their own interests, stay active, be creative and simply have fun. Our classes are taught by many of our own PBDA teachers who are willing to share their special abilities. Qualified outside teachers round out the program by bringing their professional knowledge to our students. Enrichment is offered all year with three opportunities to sign up for classes – fall, winter and spring. Registration information can be found on our website.

PBDA's Swim Team has its First Meet This Month

pic1 PBDA has a fledgling swim team that will face competitors from ten private and parochial schools on October 27 at the Rosarian Academy Invitational Meet at Lake Lytal Pool. The team, which is part of the after-school Enrichment Program, is the dream of Jan-Marie Cook and Megan Quinty. They weren’t sure how much interest there would be, but soon found themselves with a team of 42 swimmers from 3rd through 8th Grade.
pic2 Tuesday and Thursday afternoon swim practices are held at the Sailfish Club of Florida where team members with their kickboards and pull buoys fill the lanes for warm ups, followed by stroke and kick technique practice. Jan-Marie and Megan are both former collegiate level competitive swimmers who are currently using their experienced eyes to spot individual strengths that will give PBDA an advantage in the Rosarian meet this month.
Look for more information about the October 27 meet.

Kindergarten Teddy Bear Picnic

pic1 “We’re going on a bear hunt!”, the kindergarten students cheered after Mrs. Tobey reported seeing a line of stuffed animals marching to the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens. The kindergarten class of Palm Beach Day Academy was participating in the much loved, traditional Teddy Bear Picnic. The students brought in their cherished, yet strangely mischievous, animals earlier that week. On several occasions, when they arrived to school in the morning, the Kindergarteners were suprised to see what the bears had been up to during the night. Throughout the week, the bears were used in the Point of View Thinking Routine and in both the Tree and Bubble maps. Luckily, the bears were found near the fountain with balloons tied to their paws. After a group picture the students and parents, who, no doubt, put in many hours behind the scenes creating this memory, marched back to the playground to a catered picnic. The smiles and giggles were proof enough that this strong tradition will carry on at Palm Beach Day Academy.

Selecting a Secondary School

Notice2 Ninety-eight percent of PBDA’s 8th & 9th Grade students are accepted by their first choice secondary schools. Palm Beach Day Academy is known for providing students an extraordinary preparation for their next steps. Of course this involves the development of a strong academic foundation, as well as the fostering of character qualities like perseverance, responsibility, and independence – all necessary for success. What many don’t know until they’re in the 8th or 9th grade is that PBDA prepares our students for the process of applying to, and choosing their next school.
The process begins with a fall evening event for parents and students where they hear from the team of Secondary School Advisors including Steve Caruso, Elizabeth Sheehan, Karen Lucchesi, Marisa Schnirman, Deena Sobel, Jonathan Paine, and Dr. Van. After a broad overview of potential options for the students and the steps of the application process, each student is assigned to one of the advisors who then works closely with families. The Secondary School Advisor assists with choosing a list of potential schools to visit, preparing for interviews, completing applications, writing essays, or planning trips to Boarding Schools. We view this as an opportunity for students to reflect on who they are as learners and young adults, and how they can best present themselves to the world.
The process is led by the students, in partnership with their parents and advisors. When the results come in, we are proud that nearly 100% of our students are accepted at their first choice school. It doesn’t end there, though. We follow up on our students and are told continually how well they have been prepared. This is good news for our younger students because we also hear that the secondary schools want more students from PBDA. The cycle of success continues.

17th Annual Walter H. Butler Golf Classic

   Friday, Nov. 16 - Happy Hour
   Saturday, Nov. 17 - Golf Classic

pic1 Join Co-Chairs Joel Kassewitz and Matt Smith Friday, November 16th, for a Happy Hour celebration at Top of the Point in West Palm Beach as we kick-off the 17th Walter H. Butler Golf Classic. The Classic, held Saturday, November 17th, is a family friendly day of Golf at the beautiful Breakers Ocean Course. Student golfers are encouraged to play. Try your luck at a hole-in-one and win a Mercedes! An awards luncheon immediately follows play. Please contact Paula Martin at 561-655-1188 extension 125 or email her at for sponsorship and golfing opportunities.

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