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September 25, 2012
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Cross Campus Tapestry Project

International Day of Peace

pic1 Last Friday’s Flag Assembly honored the International Day of Peace which is celebrated each year worldwide on September 21. The International Day of Peace provides an opportunity for people to reflect on the importance of striving for peace, not only throughout the world, but everyday in our family life, classrooms, and the communities of which we are a part.
pic2 During the Flag Assembly, the countries being studied for this year’s International Day Celebration were announced by “ambassadors” from each grade level or class. The countries chosen for study this year are: United States (Pre-Primary), Mexico (Primary), Haiti (Kindergarten 103), El Salvador (Kindergarten 104), Panama (Kindergarten 106), Croatia (First Grade 101), Malta (First Grade 102), Turkey (Second Grade 201), Russia (Second Grade 202), Nigeria (Third Grade 204), Ivory Coast (Third Grade 206), and Botswana (Third Grade 207).
pic3 This multi-disciplinary curricular study begins in September and continues throughout the year. As they research and learn about the respective countries, students have opportunities to demonstrate and share what they are learning through projects, performances, and exhibits. These include the creation of Classroom Villages and International Day performances in February, publication of books about each country in January through March, and the Lower Campus Wee Deliver Post Office in April and May where students practice friendly letter writing skills and correspond with one another using commemorative stamps representing all of the countries being studied. Skyping with schools around the world, class field trips, and guest speakers also enhance the International Studies Program throughout the year.

The 9th Grade Loves Their iPads

pic1 PBDA Ninth Graders and their teachers are charting a course into new territory – technologically speaking. The students and teachers all have brand new iPads that are changing the way the 9th Graders are questioning, responding and learning in class and how they are interacting at school and beyond. In math, science, and history, the students’ textbooks now reside on the hard drives of their devices. In addition to making 9th Grade backpacks substantially lighter, the iPad-based textbooks are fully interactive. At home or in class, enriching links on each page of the textbook bring subjects to life in a way that simply was never possible with traditional books. The teachers' iPads, linked to the classroom SmartBoards add additional power to the learning experiences.
pic2 Traditional pencil and paper assignments are being replaced by wireless connections. Homework can be completed, submitted, graded and returned electronically – from anywhere. Self–checking worksheets give immediate feedback. And, using a stylus, the students can still work a math problem or draw a chart or even color a map and submit or share their work in a blended version of old and new technologies.
There’s more! Both the students and teachers are discovering Apps that add expanded capabilities to the iPads. For example, they are excited to be able to ask and answer questions remotely by recording their voices along with moving images. Mrs. Close, using an App, can record an explanation of a math problem while demonstrating the problem in real time, and then make the lesson available to all or to a single questioner.
Although this may seem new to many of us who remember a time before hand-held computers, for our 9th Graders this technology is perfectly natural and will be a permanent part of their lives. The future is here!

Student Leadership Council

pic1 Student Leadership Council members were elected last week. The 4th – 9th Graders who were interested first secured their parents' approval of their commitment to a year of demanding responsibilities. Then each candidate delivered a short campaign speech to his or her grade before the class voted. Ninth Graders Kalysa Remington and Oceanna Schnirman took their candidacies for president to the entire student body. The results of this week's election – Kalysa Remington, President; Oceanna Schnirman, Vice President; 8th Graders Zara Barrett, Sam Gordon, Nicky Leone, Madison McAuliffe; 7th Graders Alexis Gorfine, Harrison Koeppel, Blair Lalor; 6th Graders Stephanie Reyes, River Schnirman, Elizabeth Wiliams; 5th Graders Carter Nicoletti, Allison Sanchez, Danielle Weitzman; and 4th Graders Ariana Biondi-Copeland, Grant Kino, Addison Linck.
Faculty sponsors Jim Gramentine and Kelly Sanchez will guide those 4th – 9th Graders as they represent their classmates on the Student Leadership Council.

Feather Ball Co-Chairs Announced

pic1 WE NEED YOU! Join Co-Chairs Sarah Benitz and Helene Lorentzen at the volunteer kick-off meeting for the Feather Ball Dinner & Auction. Learn the many ways you can contribute to the success of PBDA's signature fund-raising event, which will be held at The Breakers on February 9th, 2013. The first volunteer committee meeting will take place at the lower campus cafeteria this Friday, Sept 28th at 9:15 am. Please join us and hear about the many ways you can participate.
The Feather Ball raised more than $500,000 last year and involved more than 100 volunteers. Your contribution of time, resources, talent or funds will ensure the success of this year's auction. See you on Friday!

Cross Campus Tapestry Project

pic1 Last Friday, our Primary students had a visit from schoolmates who are a decade older. The Ninth Grade spent part of the day reading to and playing with the younger students as part of the Cross Campus Tapestry Project. The project is a Pen Pal initiative that was designed by the teachers who are taking part in the PBDA/FAU Masters Program to build deeper connections between the students and faculty on both campuses.
pic2 The Upper Campus grades have been matched with “Pals” on the Lower Campus – Primary with 4th and 9th Grades, Kindergarten with 5th Grade, 1st Grade with 6th Grade, 2nd Grade with 7th Grade and 3rd Grade with 8th Grade. The older children and their teachers will organize age–appropriate activities for at least one visit per semester.
The Ninth Graders read to the Primary students on Friday and then worked together with them to make and color paper tracings of their hands. The other grades have plans for similar community building sessions that will begin in the coming weeks.


pic1 Lower and Upper Campus teachers came together with other local educators last Saturday, September 22nd at the Museum of Fine Art in Fort Lauderdale for the first meeting of the year of COLLABORATE South Florida, a consortium of schools dedicated to professional development.
pic2 The all–day workshop, entitled “Thinking and the Arts,” featured a talk by Dr. David Spangler on the importance of the creative and interpretive aspects of arts education; gallery walks for teachers to learn and practice new Thinking Routines using specifics works of art; a presentation on the cognitive thinking structures used in various disciplines by Ana Maria Fernandez and Gilberto Pinzon from the Education First Schools; and group reflections by all participants. The next meeting will be held on October 16th.


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