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May 29, 2012
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Fine Arts Festival
PBDA's Got Talent
3rd Grade Musical

PBDA's Athletes Honored at Sports Banquets

pic1 The Mother/Daughter and Father/Son softball games, followed by the Sports Banquets at the Sailfish Club, mark the end of PBDA's athletic program. Student athletes are honored at the banquets for their participation and several are awarded special recognitions. The girls' banquet included coach Patti Griffin's now annual and wildly popular tradition of a slideshow re-cap of the year. A J.V. Coach's Award was presented to Christina Caristo for her over-all contributions. Sloane Rosin was recognized as the Most Improved J.V. player. Sofia Tabernilla was awarded the Varsity Improvement plaque.
pic2 Coach's Awards were presented to girls in each of the five sports on their schedule. The Varsity Volleyball Coach's Award went to Serena Ainslie; Basketball to Ali Dimas; Field Hockey to Carlisle Ghirardini; Soccer to Lily Savin; Lacrosse to Gabriella Springer. Sloane Sambuco received the Sportsmanhip Award. Sarah Dunkel received the overall Varsity Coach's Award. Kylie Borislow was the recipient of the girls' highest athletic honor, The Carol Rafter Award for Excellence in Athletics.
pic3 At the boys' banquet, ten awards were given to the athletes. George Moss and Jack Farris each received a J.V. Coach's Award. Field Day Captains Bayard Lalor, Flamingo, and Blake Burdett, Pelican, were recognized. Varsity Coach's Awards were given to athletes in each of the boys' four seasons. The Varsity Flag Football Coach's Award went to Ben Wandoff; Soccer to Dante Blanco; Basketball to Tucker Kino; and Lacrosse to Kress Zahringer. The Harry and Richard Hilton Award for Improvement in Athletics went to Spencer Altus. Bayard Lalor received the boys' highest award this year - the John L. Thompson Sportsmanship Award.
The banquets are opportunities for the athletes, their parents and coaches to be reminded of the glories, and disappointments of the teams, and the individual achievements of the past year. The coaches are always full of praise for the effort, determination and sportsmanship of PBDA’s athletes.


3rd Graders Deliver

pic1 Friendly letter writing is not a lost art on the Lower Campus. Students and parents alike participate in the Wee Deliver Postal Program every May as they write letters to one another and to members of the faculty. Third Graders serve as postmasters for the program and deliver the mail each day to classrooms throughout the campus. The stamps are special commemorative ones designed by the students to represent the countries studied this year in the Global Studies Program. Street addresses for each class also reflect a global perspective with names such as “Katmandu Alley” and “Alps Avenue.”
pic2 For the Third Grade postal workers, there is nothing more thrilling than opening one of the blue mailboxes that are positioned around campus and finding letters to be delivered. So far, neither rain, sleet nor hail has been much of a problem, but even if they were, those conditions wouldn’t stop our dedicated mail carriers from reaching their appointed rounds and proudly delivering the mail.
pic3 Children in the lower grades can participate by writing letters, but they’ll have to wait until they are 3rd Graders to become qualified mail carriers with the authority to open one of the boxes and handle the precious mail. They might be a little envious in May, but they know their time will come and, one day, it will finally be their turn to process the mail.



Fine Arts Festival Showcased Graphic & Performing Arts

pic1 May 21, 2012

The Fine Arts Festival is a long-standing PBDA tradition that showcases the art created by our students. In recent years, the ever growing performing arts program has also been featured. Art teachers Scott Thompson, Tracy Kramm and Sue Chris, percussion teacher Buckley Griffis, drama teacher Jan Cook, band leader Greg Kokus, strings instructor Barbara Corcillo, and choral teacher Annette Johnson were proud to have their students' talents on display. In addition to the student artwork displayed in the hallways, band, chorus, strings, drama and percussion performances filled the Matthews Auditorium.
pic2 But, those performances will be the last that the Matthews Auditorium will see, at least in its present form. On June 8, the day after Commencement, workers will begin the prep work for a complete renovation of the theater that will take place over the summer and into next fall. Once work is finished, the Matthews Performing Arts Center will once again host performances, meetings, assemblies and community events.
Those present at the 2012 Fine Arts Festival, and especially those students who performed on stage, are now the final memory of the fifty-three year history of the Matthews Auditorium and the thousands of performances that were held there.


PBDA's Got Talent

pic1 The Upper Campus Talent Show gave our community an exciting send off to the long Memorial Day weekend last Friday. Student performances from every grade included something for every taste. Young singers, dancers, musicians, and rappers were introduced by members of the Student Leadership Council, the Talent Show's sponsor. pic2 As the curtain opened on each act there were varying levels of nervousness and confidence, but every performer seemed to grow in confidence as the friendly audience offered heart-felt support.
By any standard, the performers were courageous. Each was required to attend one of two auditions where he or she performed briefly for the other hopefuls and the adult judges. In the end, whether the performers were well-polished pros, or just a few lessons into learning a new instrument, it was obvioius that they were happy they'd made the choice to join this family-school tradition.

3rd Grade Musical - Coming May 31

pic1 Yo-ho me mates! We are excited to welcome each and every one of you to a new and exciting event for the PBDA Lower Campus. A spring musical has been added to the 3rd grade vocal music curriculum and the students have been working hard preparing this year’s production, “Treasure Island,” a musical adaptation of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson tale. In keeping with our strong belief that every experience is a learning opportunity, the students have been engaged in the full process of musical theater, from auditioning for roles in the production to gathering costume and prop materials, to helping choreograph dances for the music.
The 3rd Graders treated the Upper Campus to a preview last Friday. The show will be held in the Lower Campus auditorium this Thursday, May 31st at 8:30 A.M.. for parents and at 10:00 A.M. for students. Come join Jim Hawkins, his friends, Long John Silver, and a motley band of pirates on a fun adventure!



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