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May 15, 2012
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pic1 Spring Musical
PBDA's Golf & Tennis
Poetry Contest Selects Top Three
First Graders Showcase Their Museum Partnerships
2nd Grade Biography Day
Teacher Appreciation
Fine Arts Festival 2012

Pelicans Win Field Day with a Score of 286 - 240

pic1 The 81st Walter H. Butler Field Day was originally scheduled for Saturday, April 29, but weather and field conditions forced the second postponement in the event's history. But, Florida's weather was more than cooperative on Friday, May 4 when the Pelicans and Flamingos met yet again for a day of fierce but friendly competition. Points are at stake in every dash, hop, throw and shot, and they start to pile up as soon as the Kindergarten relays begin just after the march. The Lower School events decide the appropriation of 50 points in total.
Each individual event is worth 8 points - 5 for a 1st, 3 for a 2nd, and 1 for a 3rd. Pelicans and Flamingos earn 10 points for each team event victory plus goals scored (in basketball, teams receive a percentage of their score). Even the losing team gets credit for goals. Those events really matter to the outcome of Field Day and the participants know it.
pic2 The 800 yard relays are worth 8 points each and the winning team gets them all. But, the tugs are worth 10 points each for a total of 40 points that often decide the winner. Not this year, however. Although no one, other than the scorekeepers, knew it, the Pelicans entered the Tugs-O-War with an unbeatable lead. They won the 81st Field Day with a score of 286 - 240, posting their 44th victory.
Maddock Awards are earned by athletes on Field Day. The Maddock Awards were established in the '60s by the Maddock family - a long-standing school family whose involvement with the school reaches all the way back to the beginning in 1921. To earn a Maddock Award, a Pelican or Flamingo must place first in either two individual events or place first in an individual event and be a member of a winning relay team. This year, six Maddock Awards were earned.
pic3 Kylie Borislow - 7-9 Girls Softball Throw; 7-9 Girls 800-yard run. Cortland Coleman - 5-6 Boys Standing Broad Jump; 5-6 Boys 800-yard relay. Kevin Justice - 5-6 Boys Football Throw; 5-6 Boys 800-yard relay. Taylor Mahoney - 7-9 Girls Standing Broad Jump; 7-9 Girl/Boy 800-yard relay. Braedon Rupp - 5-6 Boys Running Broad Jump; 5-6 Boys 800-yard relay. Natalie Zoller - 5-6 Girls Softball Throw; 5-6 Girl/Boy 800-yard relay.
The 81st Walter H. Butler Field Day was generously sponsored by Marc & Claudia Player.
Photos of Field Day and other events can be viewed in the photo gallery on our website. The photo gallery is under the "School Life" menu. Click for Photo Gallery

Charlie Brown

pic1 Drama teacher Jan-Marie Cook, who has directed the Upper School Musical each spring for the past three years, has once again given herself a tough act to follow. "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" was a delightful, colorful, fast-paced, production that was adapted by Jan for PBDA. The 7th - 9th Grade actors clearly enjoyed themselves as they brought the Charles Schulz "Peanuts" characters to life with spirited, fun-filled performances that included several exciting all-cast show stoppers.
pic2 Musical Director, Annette Johnson, conducted a five piece orchestra of professional musicians that provided live accompaniment for the student performers. Les Heilakka, with the help of former student, Hunter Morgan '05, directed a crew of 12 student stage hands. Faculty member and past parent, Martha Dyal, created the costumes, and past parent Terry Resk choreographed the production and coached the dancers. Past parent and long-time friend of PBDA, Vicki Halmos, and the EntreAct Theatre Company provided behind the scenes suppport.
pic3 All in all, forty-five 7th - 9th Grade students participated in the production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." The lead roles were played by Stewart Johnson, Charlie Brown; Serena Ainslie, Lucy; Carlisle Ghirardini, Sally; Rhys Robinson, Linus; Jack Patterson, Snoopy; Lawrence Cummings, Schroeder, Zara Barrett, Marcie; Ryan Coyle, Rerun; Katia Woodward, Peppermint Patty; Bayard Lalor, Pigpen; Lily Savin, Frieda; Ben Wandoff, Franklin, Kalysa Remington, Violet; Jack McKenna, Russell; Chloe Coleman, Lydia; Tucker Kino, Shermy; Taylor Mahoney, Peggy Jean; Annelise Scheffler, Woodstock; Will Koch, Freddie; Sarah Dunkel, Maggie; and Kylie Borislow, Jackie.
Photos of "Charlie Brown" and other events can be viewed in the photo gallery on our website. The photo gallery is under the "School Life" menu. Click for Photo Gallery

Golf and Tennis at PBDA

pic1 PBDA’s Golf and Tennis program is bigger than ever. The Golf program is in its first year – tennis in its third. Students qualify for both by trying out. Once on the teams, the group practices at The Breakers under the guidance of Donna DeFrances and Danny McClellan, and volunteer parents.
pic2 Golf and tennis matches are played against local schools. Students in the program are all enthusiastic enough to juggle this after-school program with their regular PBDA sports team and games, and, in some cases, with Spring Musical rehearsal responsibilities.
The Tennis Team will have 6 matches this spring. Golf will have 5.


5th Grade Poetry Contest - 10 Memorable Performances

pic1 Every year the 5th Grade poetry contest begins with each Fifth Grader searching for the perfect poem. Once they have found their poems, the Fifth Graders prepare for three rounds of competition beginning with the classroom recitals. The judges select half of each reading class to go on to the semi-finals in the Raymond Wean library where the 4th Grade and parents serve as an audience.
This year, as always, ten students were chosen from this group to go on to the poetry finals at a Tuesday morning All-School Assembly on May 1st. They were Adrianna Fini, Taylor Frederick, Cate Ghirardini, Henry Horgan, Johan Kramm, Izzy Leconte, Perry Middleton, Stephanie Reyes, Samantha Webster and Liz Williams.
Three winners were selected by the judges at the Finals.
The Third Place winner this year was Perry Middleton for “Stop All the Clocks.”
Second Place - Cate Ghirardini for “Sheep.”
The First Place in the 2010 5th Grade Poetry Contest went to Izzy Leconte for “Sometimes I Feel this Way.”

Museum Partnerships

pic1 Monday, May 14th was a very exciting day for Palm Beach Day First Graders, faculty, and museum partners. The students presented a Culminating Project, highlighting what they have learned throughout a yearlong study of museums and communities. The Museum Partnership Program began in late summer of last year with the vision to establish collaborative relationships with our local historical, fine arts, and cultural institutions. Visitors watched a slideshow that provided the narrative for this magical year of learning and a Kamishibai (Japanese storytelling technique) performance about a father who remembers his time at PBDA and shares these memories with his son, a future student.
pic2 Allison Goff and Allie Sherzinger, from Flagler Museum and Leiko Nishioka, Beth Kawazura, and Sachico Cox from The Morikami Museum graciously accepted our proposal to enhance part of our First Grade social studies curriculum. This year, we examined the concept of Community. What exactly is it? What does it look like? Can we be part of different types of communities?
We examined the early Palm Beach gilded age community of Henry Flagler and the agricultural community of Japanese farmers of the Yamato Colony. The children will share what they learned about the most essential characteristics that make up a community, which cut across time and allowed them to connect with people who lived over 100 years ago.
In the process, we also made very special friends, who shared with us the magic of museums. In the span of one school year, the children were connected to communities significant to South Florida history, handled very precious artifacts, learned about what “preservation” means, and, most importantly, shared a very special part of themselves in bringing personal artifacts to include in their first ever Museum Exhibit.

2nd Grade Biography Day

pic1 On Friday, May 11th, students from second grade came together for our long time tradition of celebrating famous people in history with the annual Biography Day presentations. In order to prepare, each student chose a famous person, read a biography about the person selected, and wrote a report in the first person highlighting important aspects of the person’s life. Students presented in chronological order starting with Cleopatra and ending with Michelle Obama. Parents and students from various grade levels attended the performance. It was a great experience for all!

Teacher Appreciation

PBDA's faculty, staff and administration wish to thank all parents who generously and graciously showed their affection and appreciation last week. There were many who pitched in under the leadership of Kathleen Gorfine, Sara McCann, Susan Morgan, Kim Russo, Heidi Simons, and Alexa Terry. Those six, however, would be the first to say that they didn't do it alone and that dozens of volunteer parents cooked, donated and even served as substitutes so that the teachers were free to enjoy lunch and much more. Thanks for a great week!

pic1 Fine Arts Festival - May 21 - 6:00 P.M.

The Upper Campus Fine Arts Festival is next Monday. Student artwork from grades 4 -9 will be on display and musical performances will be presented.
There will be plenty of work to view. PBDA students enjoy a varied visual and performing arts program. Monday's offerings will include ceramics, paintings, drawings, and sculpture displays along with musical performances.
Join us on Monday, May 21 from 6:00 - 7:30 P.M. to view our students' creations.



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